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GARMIN eMap Firmware Upgrades

Firmware: V2.90 - V2.75 - V2.74 - V2.73 - V2.71 - V2.70 - V2.64 - V2.63 - V2.62 - V2.61 - V2.60 - V2.52 - V2.50

The following lists of changes are based on information provided by GARMIN. Changes or improvements which we consider important or especially useful are shown highlighted.

To view the current firmware version, complete the following steps:

  1. Press the Menu key twice to access the main menu.
  2. Select "System Information" and press the ENTER key.
  3. The current firmware version will be displayed on the screen.
  4. Press the ENTER key to quit the screen.

Each upgrade replaces the complete firmware in the GPS, which means you need to install only the version you wish to apply. There is no need to install any previous versions.

Changes made from version 2.75 to 2.90: (released 08/07/2003)

  1. Corrected problem with the General Setup page when German was the previously selected language.
  2. Removed support for French ! (V2.80).
  3. Fixed the NEAREST EXIT screens so the MENU key appears in all supported languages (V2.80).

Firmware Upgrade V2.90 (Self-extracting ZIP-file, requires a PC and a connection cable, 820 kB)

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Changes made from version 2.74 to 2.75: (released 05/31/2002)

  1. Restored transmission of satellites used information in GGA and GSV NMEA sentences.

Firmware Upgrade V2.75 (Self-extracting ZIP-file, requires a PC and a connection cable, 802 kB)

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Changes made from version 2.73 to 2.74:

  1. Eliminated possible shutoffs and lockups when selecting a street for finding addresses using newer maps.
  2. Eliminated possible lockups when saving a track back through midnight or noon.
  3. Eliminated possible shutoffs when repeatedly finding Cities or Points of Interest.
  4. Improved responsiveness of positioning in shaded conditions.
  5. Added geocaching user waypoint symbols.
  6. Allowed entering and finding addresses with alpha-numeric street numbers when supported by the map data.
  7. Added controlling GEO points and Navaids with the map setup Points of Interest setting.
  8. Added new Point of Interest types when supported by the map data.
  9. Display approaching waypoint messages longer when based on distance.
  10. Always show street number and street name in correct order based on map data.
  11. Allowed finding duplicately-named cities by name across multiple maps of the same type if supported by the map data.
  12. Prevented possible corruption of time in GARMIN output format.
  13. Output correct week number in NMEA output format when operating through the end of a week.
  14. Added Croatian map datum.
  15. Changed Taiwan grid title from T67 to TM2.
  16. Added new Swedish RT 90 location format.
  17. Changed Swedish and RT 90 location formats to have the northing on top and easting below and to use 'X' and 'Y' to indicate northing and easting instead of 'N' and 'O'.
  18. Map datums automatically associated with location formats can no longer be changed; only change the map datum when changing to or from a location format that has an automatically associated datum.
  19. Re-sort waypoint symbol selection list after changing the language.
  20. Removed displaying the hotel & motel reservation number when reviewing exit services.
  21. Corrected Spanish translations for 'Map' and 'Movie Theater'.

Firmware Upgrade V2.74 (Self-extracting ZIP-file, requires a PC and a connection cable, 802 kB)

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Changes made from version 2.71 to 2.73:

  1. Correctly display the navigation information when navigating.
  2. Eliminated possible shutoffs when turning unit on after navigating.
  3. Remember the Serial Data Format between power cycles.
  4. Corrected the Longitude Origin field of the User Grid Setup.
  5. Corrected the display of the position field on the GPS Info page.
  6. Correctly indicate the services present at Fishing Hot Spots facilities.
  7. Added the ability to find streets by each word in the name when supported by the map data.
  8. Eliminated possible shutoffs when determining next street.
  9. Eliminated possible shutoffs when computing moon rise and set times for extreme latitudes.
  10. Eliminated repeated resetting of reference when measuring distance after the menu was exited with the ESC key.
  11. Eliminated display of unusual symbol after the yards unit symbol in distance fields.
  12. Eliminated occasional blanks at the end of lists when finding Points of Interest by name.
  13. Consistently shows either exit or cross road data regardless of the direction of travel on a road.
  14. Improved appearance of Fishing Hotspots maps.
  15. Used user-entered magnetic variation if north reference is set to user when transmitting RMC and BOD NMEA sentences.
  16. Transferred more points to saved tracks when saving short track logs.
  17. Added indication of datum used by transmitting PGRMM NMEA sentence.
  18. Added support for addresses and intersections to have more than one city associated with them when finding.
  19. Added support for diacritic characters such as Umlaut, accents and so on in map data.
  20. Smoothed positioning when operating in areas of heavy shading when user has not entered an altitude.

Firmware Upgrade V2.73 (Self-extracting ZIP-file, requires a PC and a connection cable, 798 kB)

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Changes made from version 2.70 to 2.71:

  1. Allowed software to run on new revision processor.
  2. Assigned a valid unit ID to units with a unit ID of zero.
  3. Improved handling "None Found" message when there are no user waypoints found.
  4. Showed "Goto" and "Map" buttons instead of "Goto Exit" button when reviewing Fishing Hotspots Facilities.

Firmware Upgrade V2.71 (Self-extracting ZIP-file, requires a PC and a connection cable, 797 kB)

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Changes made from version 2.64 to 2.70:

  1. Increased the number of map sections that can be drawn simultaneously.
  2. Supported using maps that require an unlock code.
  3. Supported finding exits and cities on maps other than the basemap.
  4. Supported finding nearest cities and points of interest across multiple maps of the same type.
  5. Supported finding cities and points of interest by name across multiple maps of the same type if supported by the map type.
  6. Supported finding Manmade Places, Water Features, and Land Features Points of Interest when available in map data.
  7. Allowed user to turn route lines off.
  8. Allowed user to turn Lock to Roads off.
  9. Allowed the GPS Info page to be displayed even when the GPS is turned off.
  10. Only displayed maps that were not completely covered by other maps.
  11. Reported actual available space for maps to MapSource.
  12. Allowed the unit to automatically choose the map to use for finding.
  13. Added a menu item to select the map to use for finding when displaying the list of found items.
  14. Associated Map Datums with Position Formats.
  15. Added India location formats.
  16. Changed name of Hu-Tzu-Shan datum to Taiwan.
  17. Added a new datum named Hu-Tzu-Shan which conforms to the published Taiwan map datum definition.
  18. Changed to D109 waypoint format.
  19. Showed unit id on system info page.
  20. Changed "...moved hundreds of miles/kilometers" to "...moved to another state or country" on the Poor Satellite Reception page.
  21. Displayed TracBack points as "BEGIN, TURN 1, TURN 2...END" instead of "TURN, TURN...".
  22. Stored map setup changes when exiting map setup instead of when turning unit off.
  23. Added highlight timeout when panning on maps.
  24. Stored Normal or Battery Saver mode when selected after Simulator mode.
  25. Stored all the track log points specified when saving a track.

Firmware Upgrade V2.70 (Self-extracting ZIP-file, requires a PC and a connection cable, 788 kB)

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Changes made from version 2.63 to 2.64:

  1. Corrected flash device compatibility problem introduced in version 2.63 when used with certain older flash devices.
  2. Corrected map drawing when a large number of maps are loaded in one area and the map detail is set to more or most.

Firmware Upgrade V2.64 (Self-extracting ZIP-file, requires a PC and a connection cable, 722 kB)

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Changes made from version 2.62 to 2.63:

  1. Support for a new flash device.

Firmware Upgrade V2.63 (Self-extracting ZIP-file, requires a PC and a connection cable, 707 kB)

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Changes made from version 2.61 to 2.62:

  1. Reduced map drawing delays when showing next street in areas of dense map data.
  2. Eliminated route corruption in routes received through the serial data interface due to duplicately-named waypoints within the route being received.
  3. Eliminated storing trailing spaces in waypoint names.
  4. Fixed highlight movement on time setup page when restoring defaults.
  5. Increased bad block limit to support 64 MB and 128 MB data cards.
  6. Changed a few German translations.

Firmware Upgrade V2.62 (Self-extracting ZIP-file, requires a PC and a connection cable, 707 kB)

To table of contents

Changes made from version 2.60 to 2.61:

  1. Corrected problem in version 2.60 that resulted in loss of bad block information when saving maps from MapSource to a data card.
  2. Improved saving tracks so first and last points are now saved.
  3. Added minimum speed to turning criteria to prevent track space waste at slow speeds.

Firmware Upgrade V2.61 (Self-extracting ZIP-file, requires a PC and a connection cable, 706 kB)

To table of contents

Changes made from version 2.52 to 2.60:

  1. Added French, German, Italian and Spanish languages.
  2. The "Direction to Go" arow points correctly for all north reference configurations.
  3. Next exits are now displayed with all types of map data.
  4. Approaching turn indication time increases as speed increases.
  5. Improved handling of aborted map transfers.
  6. Displays railroads out to larger zoom scales.
  7. In NMEA output, put GSA sat PRN's in same "slots" as they are in GSV.
  8. Output all NMEA locations in the configured datum.
  9. Increased number of maps that can be accessed on a data card from 99 to 525.
  10. Improved slow speed performance when S/A is off or when differential data is available.
  11. Updated magnetic variation tables based on the new IGRF 2000 model.
  12. Trip computer changes: Improved computation of distance and time in weak or shaded environments; reduced moving speed threshold to zero; accumulate trip distance and time while shaded.
  13. Correctly report to MapSource when there is no data card.
  14. Restores default waypoints when user erases all user data on power-up.
  15. Reduced occurrences of premature arrival alarms.
  16. Incorporates re-initialization capability when an unreasonable position fix is detected.
  17. Added a nearest exits page option menu item to choose the road on which to search for exits.
  18. Ensures that times & dates presented in the 'Save Back Through' list are always in reverse chronological order.
  19. When there are more addresses or intersections found than can be displayed, presents the user with a message suggesting they use the city or postal code fields.
  20. Transmits routes back to MapSource with the same route waypoint names that were received from MapSource.
  21. Displays scroll bar on Select Map page if there are more than 5 maps from which to choose.
  22. Added Dutch map datum.
  23. Improved scroll bar function on MapSource info page.
  24. Changed distance and depth symbol from 'mt' to 'm' to conform to international standards.
  25. In setup pages, move the highlight to the tab when the left or right cursor key is pressed and there is no other field to which the highlight can move, and remember last highlighted field.

Firmware Upgrade V2.60 (Self-extracting ZIP-file, requires a PC and a connection cable, 705 kB)

To table of contents

Changes made from version 2.50 to 2.52:

  1. Correct reporting of maximum speed and improve track log recording when in shaded or weak signal environments.
  2. Eliminated minimum speed requirement for storing track points.
  3. Display directions using the North Reference and Magnetic Variation settings from the Advanced Setup Page, instead of always using True North.
  4. The Points of Interest settings no longer control the display of minor contour lines.
  5. Reduced park symbol clutter (trees) on displayed maps.
  6. Display the exit description and distance to the exit, instead of the exit number only, when showing next street on an Interstate.
  7. Display expanded descriptions for Navaids and Obstructions.
  8. Added yards units, which are identical to Statute units except that distances from 100 feet to 1000 yards are displayed in yards.
  9. Store waypoints received through NMEA input WPL sentence.
  10. Improved synchronization between name and list fields on various pages.
  11. Increased the breadth of waypoint symbols stored when transferring waypoints into the unit in GARMIN format.

Firmware Upgrade V2.52 (Self-extracting ZIP-file, requires a PC and a connection cable, 718 kB)

To table of contents

Changes made from version 2.05 to 2.50:

  1. Multiple location formats (including user UTM grid).
  2. Multiple map datums (including user).
  3. Multiple north references (True, Magnetic, Grid, and User).
  4. Multiple direction formats (Cardinal Letters and Numeric Degrees).
  5. Multiple routes (1000 map points and 500 user waypoints in up to 50 routes with up to 50 points each).
    NOTE: THE CURRENT ROUTE IN THE EMAP WILL BE DELETED ! To save the current route, transfer the route to a PC before performing the upgrade, then transfer back to the emap after performing the upgrade.
  6. Sun and Moon page.
  7. Removed matching current location to roads on the basemap.
  8. Removed position pinning.
  9. Points of Interest with the same name can be listed by distance.
  10. Seconds in Time To Go field has smaller digits than hours and minutes.
  11. Show Next Street option.
  12. Review map pages have "Measure Distance" and "Setup Map" options.
  13. MapSource Info page has options to show only specific types of maps if multiple types are present.
  14. Address and Intersection search results include match quality.
  15. Track review map labels the begin and end of the track.
  16. Holding the Find Key displays active goto waypoint, TracBack track, or active route.
  17. Lists scroll by page when left and right rocker keys are pressed.
  18. Pressing the left rocker key when editing the left character clears a number field.
  19. Memory gauge on the main menu page.
  20. Increased number of maps that can be accessed on a data card from 50 to 99.
  21. Added A800 PVT data output capability.
  22. The Tracks and Routes pages now indicate which, if any, track or route is active.
  23. Limit waypoint identifier names so that the NMEA sentence lengths are not exceeded.
  24. Added Stored Without Batteries option on the Poor Satellite Reception page.

Firmware Upgrade V2.50 (Self-extracting ZIP-file, requires a PC and a connection cable, 672 kB)

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