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GARMIN GPSMAP60C Firmware Upgrades

Firmware: V4.20 - V4.10 - V4.00 - V3.90 - V3.80 - V3.70 - V3.60 - V3.50 - V3.30 - V3.20 - V3.10 - V3.00

The following lists of changes are based on information provided by GARMIN. Changes or improvements which we consider important or especially useful are shown highlighted.

To view the current firmware version, complete the following steps:

  1. Go to the main menu.
  2. Select "System" and press the ENTER key.
  3. Press the Menu key to access the submenu.
  4. Select "Software Version" and press the ENTER key.
  5. The current firmware version will be displayed on the screen.
  6. Press the ENTER key to quit the screen.

Each upgrade replaces the complete firmware in the GPS, which means you need to install only the version you wish to apply. There is no need to install any previous versions.

Changes made from version 4.10 to 4.20: (released 05/03/2007)

  1. Improved support for Macintosh USB.
  2. Corrected support for certain carpool/toll roads types in Austria and Switzerland.

Firmware Upgrade V4.20 (Self-extracting ZIP-file, requires a PC and a connection cable, 1.8 MB)

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Changes made from version 4.00 to 4.10: (released 04/19/2006)

  1. Adds support for Topo Great Britain maps.
  2. Correctly handles apostrophes and prefixes when displaying European city names and streets.
  3. Fixes occasional shutdown on highway page.
  4. Uses updated search process for WAAS and EGNOS satellites.
  5. Presents only relevant cities as choices given during address or intersection searches.
  6. Preserves stopwatch lap distance if user goes off of the stopwatch page.
  7. Corrects profile plot for tracks and routes that cross the Prime Meridian.
  8. Prevents long idle times during power save GPS mode.
  9. Sounds anchor drag alarm until reset by the user rather than sounding just a single tone.
  10. Shows proper units on the map page when reviewing depth contours on the map page.
  11. Applies map datum only to the Location (selected) field and not to the Location (lat/lon) field.

Firmware Upgrade V4.10 (Self-extracting ZIP-file, requires a PC and a connection cable, 1.8 MB)

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Changes made from version 3.90 to 4.00: (released 06/20/2005)

  1. Improved USB support.
  2. Fixed problem where excessive track points could be recorded.

Firmware Upgrade V4.00 (Self-extracting ZIP-file, requires a PC and a connection cable, 1.7 MB)

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Changes made from version 3.80 to 3.90: (released 05/27/2005)

  1. Added German tide support.
  2. Added support for extended resolution maps like Minnesota LakeMaster maps.
  3. Improved Data Review page to show depth or height of structures like bridges on BlueChart maps.
  4. Corrected track log filtering.

Firmware Upgrade V3.90 (Self-extracting ZIP-file, requires a PC and a connection cable, 1.7 MB)

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Changes made from version 3.70 to 3.80: (released 04/21/2005)

  1. Corrected intermittent USB data transfer.
  2. Corrected 'Recalculate' option for 'Off Road' navigation.

Firmware Upgrade V3.80 (Self-extracting ZIP-file, requires a PC and a connection cable, 1.7 MB)

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Changes made from version 3.60 to 3.70: (released 03/18/2005)

  1. Fixed transfer problem with custom waypoint symbols.
  2. Now reports DEM map support to PC software.
  3. Fixed lockup that could occur when selecting a point to which to tracback.
  4. Fixed shutdown caused by viewing some marine light points.
  5. Fixed problem with Indonesian Southern Grid using wrong longitude of origin.
  6. Added advanced NMEA support settings to support certain marine autopilot units.
  7. Fixed problem where the interaction with certain beacon receivers was not displayed.
  8. Added 'Select Map' option for Address and Intersection searching.
  9. Fixed problem where waypoint depth was not being saved as invalid when it was unknown.
  10. Fixed problem where waypoints could not be saved in certain areas of BlueChart maps.
  11. Fixed lockup that could occur when selecting symbols for waypoints.
  12. Fixed lockup that could occur when approaching certain roads on the map.
  13. Made the way intermittent water areas are drawn more visible.
  14. Fixed problem where compass pointer could transition to the next turn too quickly.
  15. Fixed problem with bearing being adjusted improperly when projecting waypoints with a non-zero north reference.
  16. Fixed lockup that would occur when 'finding by name' and then viewing map information for the point.
  17. Fixed problem in tide charts where local time axis would not match the station time axis.
  18. Changed tide stations to show selected date when saved on a calendar day.
  19. Fixed a potential problem where the wrong number of bytes could be sent for USB get requests.
  20. Fixed problem with displaying 'Waypoint At Destination' while doing a tracback.
  21. Fixed problem where route recalculation would slowly go to 100% and lock up.
  22. Improved WAAS search and selection process to be smarter in its handling of multiple SBAS service providers, overlapping service volumes, and exceptional conditions.

Firmware Upgrade V3.70 (Self-extracting ZIP-file, requires a PC and a connection cable, 1.7 MB)

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Changes made from version 3.50 to 3.60: (released 11/12/2004)

  1. Corrected Baud rate for RTCM communications mode.

Firmware Upgrade V3.60 (Self-extracting ZIP-file, requires a PC and a connection cable, 1.7 MB)

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Changes made from version 3.30 to 3.50: (released 08/04/2004)

  1. Added support for xImage software (create your own icons etc).
  2. Improved track log recording in Auto mode.
  3. Increased the size of the compass pointer on the Compass page.
  4. Enabled the compass pointer to be shown while navigating a Follow Road route.
  5. Added a progress indicator when calculating a Follow Road route.
  6. Increased the precision of the 'project waypoint distance' field.
  7. Added the ability to independently show or hide entire map families on the Map Setup page.
  8. Added 'meters per second' as an option for vertical speed units.
  9. Added Greek language.
  10. Updated translations.

Firmware Upgrade V3.50 (Self-extracting ZIP-file, requires a PC and a connection cable, 1.7 MB)

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Changes made from version 3.20 to 3.30: (released 05/07/2004)

  1. Corrected problems finding items when results contain characters with diacritic marks.
  2. Corrected a problem on the Geocache Find page where a Find By Name search could potentially highlight a point past the first correct match.
  3. Corrected an orientation problem on the Turn Preview Page if the route is calculated close to the first turn.
  4. Corrected problems with the automatic closing feature of the Turn Preview Page when using German or Italian languages.
  5. Corrected potential problems resulting from automatic closing of the keyboard.
  6. Corrected potential problem where invalid characters could be entered into a waypoint comment.
  7. Corrected contour line colors to increase visibility.

Firmware Upgrade V3.30 (Self-extracting ZIP-file, requires a PC and a connection cable, 1.7 MB)

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Changes made from version 3.10 to 3.20: (released 04/12/2004)

  1. Added Fuel Services option to the Find menu.
  2. Find-by-name searches now only return a list of items that begin with the input string.
  3. Added the ability to automatically close the keyboard when six or less items are in a find-map-points-by-name list.
  4. Improved map colors for contour lines and night mode.
  5. Corrected memory problem related to Follow Road route calculations.
  6. Corrected problem with certain alarms working only during active navigation.
  7. Corrected problem with saved track profile zooming.
  8. Corrected problem with find-address searches across multiple map sets.
  9. Corrected problem when finding waypoints and canceling from the Select Symbol filter option.
  10. Corrected problem with auto daylight savings so that it works for years other than the current year.
  11. Corrected problem causing an error beep after filling out a text or number field.

Firmware Upgrade V3.20 (Self-extracting ZIP-file, requires a PC and a connection cable, 1.7 MB)

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Changes made from version 3.00 to 3.10: (released 03/25/2004)

  1. Added Marine Colors option to the map setup for displaying BlueCharts similar to MapSource.
  2. Moved the Day/Night display mode from the map setup to the display setup. It still modifies map colors, but separate color-scheme selections have been added for day and night modes.
  3. Lock On Road option is no longer turned on when starting a Follow Road route. This feature is only turned on or off manually. Approaching cross-street information is available with Lock On Road turned off.
  4. Improved guidance text for turns onto on/off ramps or generic roads.
  5. Added the ability to customize the active track log color on the Track Setup page.
  6. Updated the backlight behavior so that if the light level is off, then it will be set to the user mid-level when the light key is first pressed.
  7. Updated translations.
  8. Corrected a problem with waypoint position averaging when upgrading to new firmware.
  9. Changed the Recent Finds page “Remove All” option to only remove points from that list.

Firmware Upgrade V3.10 (Self-extracting ZIP-file, requires a PC and a connection cable, 1.7 MB)

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Changes made from version 2.00 to 3.00: (released 02/20/2004)

  1. Added Resume Navigation and Recalculate options to the Map, Compass, and Highway Navigation pages.
  2. Added speed-filtering feature to the Marine Setup.
  3. Added Pedestrian and Bicycle modes to the Follow Road options.
  4. Added vertical elevation profiling for routes and saved tracks for use with future MapSource products.
  5. Added support to automatically turn the backlight on if external power is connected.
  6. Moved Facilities Find item from the Marine Points submenu to the main Find menu.
  7. Added a Remove All option to the Recent Finds page.
  8. Added yards and nautical miles as units to the Off-Road Route Transition by Distance option.
  9. Added nautical miles as a unit by which to project a waypoint.
  10. Defaulted the Project Waypoint Distance units to match the system’s distance unit type.
  11. Added New Zealand Transverse Mercator and Austrian Grid support.
  12. Updated language translations.
  13. Enabled the Active button on the Route List page to work with all route types.
  14. Enabled the Active Route page to be in the main page sequence if navigating an on-route GoTo.
  15. Corrected a problem with calendar memory that caused records to become unavailable temporarily.
  16. Corrected a problem with the calendar Remove All option that caused points associated with days in the future to not be removed.
  17. Corrected a problem that caused elevation data requiring five digits to not display correctly.
  18. Corrected a problem that could cause a route to be deleted while editing it on the map.
  19. Corrected a problem that could cause the unit to not respond or display a 'Software Missing' message when adding a point to a new route.
  20. Corrected a problem where duplicate exit roads could not be selected.
  21. Corrected a highlight problem when searching for user waypoints by name.
  22. Corrected a problem where elevation for a user waypoint could be rounded incorrectly.
  23. Corrected a problem that could cause valid intersections to not be found.
  24. Corrected a problem where some addresses in Europe could not be found when the scope was reduced by selecting either a city or country.
  25. Corrected the drawing of Follow Road routes in some roundabouts.
  26. Corrected the drawing of European tide charts.

Firmware Upgrade V3.00 (Self-extracting ZIP-file, requires a PC and a connection cable, 1.6 MB)

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