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Software: 6.16.3 - 6.16.2 - 6.16.1 - V6.15.11 - V6.15.7 - V6.15.6 - V6.15.4 - V6.15.3 - V6.14.1 - V6.13.7 - V6.13.6 - V6.13.5 - V6.13.4 - V6.13.2 - V6.13.1 - V6.12.4 - V6.12.3 - V6.12.2 - V6.11.6 - V6.11.5 - V6.11.3 - V6.11.1 - V6.10.2 - V6.9.1 - V6.8.0 - V6.70 - V6.50 - V6.30 - V6.10 - V5.40 - V5.30 - V5.20 - V5.00 - V4.13 - V4.12 - V4.11 - V4.10 - V4.09 - V4.08 - V4.07 - V4.06 - V4.05 - V4.03 - V4.00 - V3.06 - V3.05 - V3.03

The following lists of changes are based on information provided by GARMIN. Changes or improvements which we consider important or especially useful are shown highlighted.

To view the current program version, complete the following steps:

  1. Start the program MapSource.
  2. Select "Help" and then "About MapSource ...".
  3. The current program version will be displayed in a new window.
  4. Click "OK" to close the window.

Important note: You may download the upgrades presented below for free, but a previous version of MapSource must be installed on your computer. The upgrades are cumulative, which means you don't have to install all upgrades, but only the latest version. We provide the older versions for reference or in case where you need to install a previous version for what reason ever.

Changes made from version 6.16.2 to 6.16.3: (released 10/25/2010)

  1. Fixed some map display issues (22s & 71s labels instead of highway names).
  2. Fixed Pedestrian routing.
  3. Fixed some other routing issues.
  4. Fixed Find Nearest Waypoints issue.
  5. Fixed vertical profile custom scale settings (right-clicking on the scale of the vertical profile).
  6. Fixed selection issue (waypoints were not de-selected when selecting a track before).
  7. Fixed an issue where MapSource did not remember the grid setting correctly.
  8. Fixed an issue with the updating process.
  9. Fixed sort by number of via points in the route tab.
  10. Fixed an issue with spot soundings.
  11. Fixed a Polish localization issue.
  12. Made MapSource more robust when encountering invalid map products.

Upgrade to MapSource V6.16.3 (Self-extracting ZIP-file, 55 MB)

To table of contents To table of contents

Changes made from version 6.16.1 to 6.16.2: (released 06/21/2010)

  1. Improved handling of invalid gpx files from devices.
  2. Improved handling of missing components, MapSource will now display a message indicating the missing component.
  3. Changed number of most recently used files from 4 to 10.
  4. Fixed some untranslated strings.
  5. Fixed an issue with saving as gpx and dxf in the Dutch localization.
  6. Fixed a routing issue with third party map products.
  7. Fixed several other routing issues.
  8. Fixed an issue where MapSource would not remember the icon size setting correctly.
  9. Fixed an issue with deleting waypoints from a route.
  10. Fixed a map drawing issue.
  11. Fixed display of ampersands ("&") on the map.
  12. Fixed an issue with creating waypoints on certain features.

Upgrade to MapSource V6.16.2 (Self-extracting ZIP-file, 55 MB)

To table of contents To table of contents

Changes made from version 6.15.11 to 6.16.1: (released 05/13/2010)

  1. Added support for 64-bit USB device drivers.
  2. Added generic label descriptions (less 'unknown' features).
  3. Added support for importing relevant data from TCX files.
  4. Added very small and very large symbol size selection.
  5. Added support for editing waypoint address and phone number information.
  6. Added New Zealand TM grid.
  7. Added display of the total length of all selected tracks/routes in the status bar.
  8. Added numeric sorting of routes, tracks and waypoints.
  9. Added ability to send error reports directly to Garmin after a crash.
  10. Improved memory issues when running MapSource under Windows 7.
  11. Improved map projection for many map products.
  12. Improved speed of 'finalizing' step when transferring data to SD cards.
  13. Changed mouse-wheel functionality to zoom in and out.
  14. Changed 'seasonal closures' avoidance option to 'date and time closures'. MapSource will now route over roads that have time-of-day and seasonal closures if this avoidance option is not checked.
  15. Changed route via point symbol to small black dot.
  16. Fixed various categories and subcategories that affected find operations and the display of POI categories and subcategories.
  17. Fixed some auto-routing oddities.
  18. Fixed remembering 'Find Nearest' dialog search category.
  19. Fixed issues with 'Save As' file dialog (in some cases, existing files were overwritten without prompting).
  20. Fixed some issues with the Swedish grid.
  21. Fixed issue with address search when a city name was supplied.
  22. Fixed loss of mixed-case characters when transferring routes to some USB devices.
  23. Fixed an issue with the refreshing of the route avoidances dialog.
  24. Fixed an issue with finding elevation features.
  25. Fixed an issue where the comment field would be incorrect after creating a waypoint from a find result.
  26. Fixed an issue where transferring data from a mass-storage device would fail.

Upgrade to MapSource V6.16.1 (Self-extracting ZIP-file, 55 MB. Currently only available in English !)

To table of contents To table of contents

Changes made from version 6.15.7 to 6.15.11: (released 02/01/2010)

  1. Improved performance for custom draw elements.
  2. Made sure waypoints of type 'Geotagged Photo' don't crash MapSource.
  3. Allowed the import and export of unlock codes.
  4. Made sure unlocking changes get propagated without needing to restart the application.
  5. Phone numbers that were imported from gpx files were not written back out again. This is now fixed.
  6. Added support for enhanced map security.
  7. Fixed unlocking issue.
  8. Implemented Asian 6-level address search.
  9. Improved trimming performance for some Asian map products.

Upgrade to MapSource V6.15.11 (Self-extracting ZIP-file, 57 MB)

To table of contents To table of contents

Changes made from version 6.15.6 to 6.15.7: (released 10/09/2009)

  1. Fixed an issue where maps could not be transferred on certain non-English Windows installations.
  2. Reduced size of symbols when configured to use small symbols.
  3. Fixed an issue finding campgrounds on some newer map products.

Upgrade to MapSource V6.15.7 (Self-extracting ZIP-file, 58 MB)

To table of contents To table of contents

Changes made from version 6.15.4 to 6.15.6: (released 04/20/2009)

  1. Fixed an issue with the file save dialog when the file extension field is hidden.
  2. Fixed an issue where MapSource would crash if the route avoidance dialog would be displayed twice.
  3. Fixed waypoint category filter issue. Now only waypoints of the selected category will be displayed.
  4. Fixed waypoint prefixes.
  5. Fixed an issue where MapSource would crash with certain address searches.
  6. Fixed memory leaks in the waypoint dialog and map rendering.
  7. Fixed an issue with saving gpx files when the file path contains Asian characters.
  8. Fixed some hotkey issues.
  9. Fixed an issue with searching for certain POIs.
  10. Fixed an issue with how unlock codes were stored that caused incompatibilities with applications like Training Center.
  11. Support Web Link Extensions in Brazilian Portuguese.
  12. Changed waypoint image size to follow the user selected symbol size.

Upgrade to MapSource V6.15.6 (Self-extracting ZIP-file, 60 MB)

To table of contents To table of contents

Changes made from version 6.15.3 to 6.15.4:

  1. Fixed an issue using custom waypoint symbols installed in the current user directory.
  2. Fixed an issue displaying the vertical profile for certain maps.
  3. Fixed route issues for routes containing a waypoint more than once.
  4. Fixed transfer from and to Garmin Mobile PC devices.
  5. Fixed an issue with opening gdb files containing routes with identical names.
  6. Fixed an issue where the 'anchor' waypoint symbol was displayed incorrectly.
  7. Fixed an issue with map scrolling.
  8. Fixed an issue with route travel time calculations.
  9. Fixed an issue with performing address searches.
  10. Fixed an issue displaying map labels in print preview.

Upgrade to MapSource V6.15.4 (Self-extracting ZIP-file, 58 MB)

To table of contents To table of contents

Changes made from version 6.14.1 to 6.15.3:

  1. Fixed an issue where blank map tiles are left on the screen.
  2. Fixed an issue with redrawing the map after a detail level change.
  3. Enhanced the drawing of roads to better distinguish primary from secondary roads.
  4. Added the ability to adjust symbol size of icons.
  5. Fixed the display of spot soundings in Marine maps.
  6. Fixed an issue with areas getting highlighted inadvertently.
  7. Fixed 'Move Waypoint', 'Insert Route Section', and 'Extend Route' capabilities from right-click context menus.
  8. Fixed an issue with water regions getting clipped.
  9. Limited 'Nearest Features' to only displayed maps.
  10. Fixed overlapping copyright information for certain maps.
  11. Fixed the display of certain Marine icons in the 'Find Nearest Places' dialog.
  12. Fixed an issue with improper amenities getting displayed for 'Exit Properties'.
  13. Modified the color used for bathymetric lines.
  14. Enhanced the look of dashed and dotted lines.
  15. Enhanced sizes of certain labels.
  16. Enhanced the look of road shield icons.
  17. Fixed an issue when using certain find operations.
  18. Fixed an issue where changing the font would result in no labels being displayed.
  19. Fixed an issue with using the Roads & Rec 2.1 Hawaii and Alaska product.

Upgrade to MapSource V6.15.3 (Self-extracting ZIP-file, 58 MB)

To table of contents To table of contents

Changes made from version 6.13.7 to 6.14.1: (released 07/18/2008)

  1. Updated map rendering to provide visual improvements.
  2. Added support for U.S. National and Swedish SWREF99 grids.
  3. Fixed issue with setting the PC clock on Vista.
  4. Allowed user specified colors for routes.
  5. Added Brazilian Portuguese translation.
  6. Improved interface for managing map products and unlock codes.

Upgrade to MapSource V6.14.1 (Self-extracting ZIP-file, 46 MB)

To table of contents To table of contents

Changes made from version 6.13.6 to 6.13.7: (released 02/27/2008)

  1. Fixed an issue sending maps to units on Asian language computers.
  2. Fixed an issue where the vertical profile was not displayed correctly.
  3. Fixed an issue when transferring data to a blank SD card.
  4. Fixed an issue where the map tile name was not displayed correctly on the unit after transferring to the device with MapSource.

Upgrade to MapSource V6.13.7 (Self-extracting ZIP-file, 46 MB)

To table of contents To table of contents

Changes made from version 6.13.5 to 6.13.6: (released 12/15/2007)

  1. Fixed error when displaying feature properties on some map products.
  2. Display find results from base map.
  3. Correct localization issues for some languages.

Upgrade to MapSource V6.13.6 (Self-extracting ZIP-file, 45 MB)

To table of contents To table of contents

Changes made from version 6.13.4 to 6.13.5: (released 11/20/2007)

  1. Fixed announcing of extra via points on some USB units.
  2. Fixed incorrect waypoint names when exporting point to point routes.
  3. Fixed incorrect display of Asian language labels.
  4. Fixed incorrect import of user data in Asian languages.
  5. Fixed recognition of SD cards initialized in a marine unit.

Upgrade to MapSource V6.13.5 (Self-extracting ZIP-file, 45 MB)

To table of contents To table of contents

Changes made from version 6.13.2 to 6.13.4:

  1. Fixed an issue with displaying the product name of some map products.
  2. Fixed an issue with receiving data from removable media on Windows Vista 64-bit.

Upgrade to MapSource V6.13.4 (not available for download)

To table of contents To table of contents

Changes made from version 6.13.1 to 6.13.2:

  1. Fixed an issue with receiving the unit ID from the Symbian version of Garmin Mobile XT.
  2. Fixed various Asian language localization issues.
  3. Fixed an issue with the 'View in Google Earth' feature.
  4. Fixed an issue with viewing maps around the antimeridian.
  5. Increased the maximum search radius of the 'Find Nearest Places' dialog.

Upgrade to MapSource V6.13.2 (not available for download)

To table of contents To table of contents

Changes made from version 6.12.4 to 6.13.1: (released 08/21/2007)

  1. Improved the View in Google Earth feature.
  2. Improved the Find Nearest Places dialog.
  3. Improved the transfer of user data to removable media drives for marine units.
  4. Added support for transferring user data to Symbian Garmin Mobile XT devices.
  5. Added a temperature field to the tab delimited text output.
  6. Fixed an issue where a track or route vertical profile that spanned a detailed map boundary had an erroneous fissure on the plot.
  7. Fixed an issue with URIs (links) in GPX files that contain non-ASCII characters
  8. Fixed an issue when opening a GPX file that contains a new-line as the first character of a waypoint comment.
  9. Fixed an issue with adding duplicate link entries in the waypoint dialog.
  10. Fixed an issue with rendering maps in a locked map product that contains terrain shading data.

Upgrade to MapSource V6.13.1 (Self-extracting ZIP-file, 45 MB)

To table of contents To table of contents

Changes made from version 6.12.3 to 6.12.4: (released 05/17/2007)

  1. Fixed an issue detecting some Garmin mass storage devices.
  2. Fixed an issue at application startup when the expected code pages are not installed on the PC.
  3. Fixed a layout issue in the Czech language waypoint dialog.

Upgrade to MapSource V6.12.4 (Self-extracting ZIP-file, 46.1 MB)

To table of contents To table of contents

Changes made from version 6.12.2 to 6.12.3:

  1. Fixed an issue transferring routes to the Zumo.
  2. Fixed an issue with the integration of Google Earth and MapSource.
  3. Fixed an issue with the size estimate of selected map sets.

Upgrade to MapSource V6.12.3 (not available for download)

To table of contents To table of contents

Changes made from version 6.11.6 to 6.12.2: (released 03/09/2007)

  1. Changed the default file format to GDB version 3.
  2. Added web links. This feature allows user created internet search options to appear on context menus. These search options can use either location or name information.
  3. Added a MiniMap.
  4. Added new waypoint symbols (contacts, geocache, hunting, etc.).
  5. Added support for multiple links on waypoints, routes, and tracks.
  6. Added additional guidance for the user when clicking on the 'View in Google Earth' menu item.
  7. Added support for writing waypoints, routes, and tracks to SD cards for new chart plotters.
  8. Enhanced the driving directions page in the route dialog to provide additional statistics.
  9. Added a notes area to the route dialog. These notes are printed with driving directions.
  10. Added two options to the routing preference 'Try to Avoid' list: ferries and seasonal road closures.
  11. Added support for multi-line comments for waypoints.
  12. Added a transfer preference to specify if (and which) serial ports should be searched for Garmin devices. This should solve problems for users that have badly behaved internal modems that cause MapSource to hang.
  13. Added the ability to join tracks from the Tracks page.
  14. Added track color to the list on the Tracks page.
  15. Changed the behavior of the track draw tool to populate the elevation in tracks if the map product has DEM elevation data.
  16. Changed several feature symbols (mountain peak, city, and airport) to be smaller so they don't obscure as much of the map. This only applies when the large symbol size is selected.
  17. Adjusted the layout of several preference pages for improved usability.
  18. Changed the behavior of several dialogs to ignore the degree symbol in user provided coordinate strings.
  19. Fixed an issue when selecting map sets larger than 4 GB in size.
  20. Fixed an issue with saving files to offline network drives.
  21. Fixed an issue with preserving line feeds inside of comments in GPX files.
  22. Fixed an issue with printing when the 'No Map' product is selected.
  23. Fixed some line rendering issues on Blue Chart map products.
  24. Fixed an issue with some postal code address searches not finding results.

Upgrade to MapSource V6.12.2 (Self-extracting ZIP-file, 46.4 MB)

To table of contents To table of contents

Changes made from version 6.11.5 to 6.11.6: (released 12/07/2006)

  1. This version of MapSource no longer supports Windows 98, Windows ME and Windows NT.
  2. Fixed an issue with transferring map sets larger than 2 GB to units. MapSource supports transferring map sets up to 4 GB in size. Note that some units do not support map sets over 2 GB in size.
  3. Fixed an issue with creating a waypoint from Japanese address search result.
  4. Fixed an issue with MapSource not finding Google Earth Pro when installed.

Upgrade to MapSource V6.11.6 (Self-extracting ZIP-file, 44.4 MB)

To table of contents To table of contents

Changes made from version 6.11.3 to 6.11.5: (released 09/21/2006)

  1. Fixed some translation issues.
  2. Fixed an issue with searching for marinas in NT map products.

Upgrade to MapSource V6.11.5 (Self-extracting ZIP-file, 19.7 MB)

To table of contents To table of contents

Changes made from version 6.11.1 to 6.11.3: (released 08/01/2006)

  1. Fixed an issue when receiving GPX files that contain waypoints with phone numbers from Garmin mass storage devices, such as the Nuvi.
  2. Fixed an issue with some devices not turning off after transfers.
  3. Fixed an issue with route driving directions having the wrong direction in the street/highway name.
  4. Improved support for Garmin Mobile XT devices.
  5. Improved handling of problems in the map product installation registry.

Upgrade to MapSource V6.11.3 (Self-extracting ZIP-file, 19.7 MB)

To table of contents To table of contents

Changes made from version 6.10.2 to 6.11.1: (released 05/31/2006)

  1. Created revision 3 of the Garmin GPX extensions. This revision adds support for transferring track color. Address and phone number fields have also been added for certain Garmin units and are not supported by MapSource.
  2. Added support for transfer with Garmin mass storage devices, such as the Nüvi.
  3. Added support for the high speed Garmin USB data card programmer.
  4. Added support for large format Garmin data cards, such as 512 MB cards.
  5. Corrected some Japanese translations.
  6. Corrected a crash while doing European postal code searches.
  7. Corrected compatibility issues between certain Garmin data cards and MapSource.
  8. Corrected the handling of links in GPX documents for waypoints, routes, and tracks.
  9. Corrected a problem on NT maps where the wrong label was displayed for county and state borders.
  10. Clarified text that is displayed when changing to a map product that contains restrictions.
  11. Removed preservation of landscape/portrait print setting, because this caused issues on certain printers. MapSource now uses the printer's default settings for portrait or landscape printing. To modify the default setting for a particular printer, use the Windows Control Panel's 'Printers and Faxes' Page to change the Printing Preferences on the Printer Properties Dialog.

Upgrade to MapSource V6.11.1 (Self-extracting ZIP-file, 19.4 MB)

To table of contents To table of contents

Changes made from version 6.9.1 to 6.10.2: (released 03/17/2006)

  1. Added support for postal code based address finding in the UK and the Netherlands. This is available in compatible products, such as City Navigator Europe NT v8 and later versions. Not all MapSource products will be able to use this feature. With compatible products, it will show up as a new tab in the 'Find Places' dialog.
  2. Added graphical track editing. To enable track editing, turn on the track edit toolbar by going to 'View -> Show Toolbars -> Track Edit'. Track editing is also available via the "Tools" menu and includes the following functions: Draw track, erase track, select track point, join tracks, divide track.
  3. Added the ability to select a track's display color. This affects how tracks are displayed in MapSource and compatible units. Tracks previously imported from certain units (such as the Quest 2) might show up as black. This has been corrected for tracks newly received from these units, but previously received tracks will need to be manually changed.
  4. Modified the drawing of interstates and highways so that the line width changes based on the map's zoom level.
  5. Added support for entering Japanese addresses in Kanji as well as Kana in compatible map products.
  6. Change to solve a problem running MapSource on specific Windows locales, such as Chinese (Hong Kong S.A.R), Chinese (Macau S.A.R), and Arabic (U.A.E).
  7. Change to solve a problem viewing the properties of route waypoints in Dutch MapSource.
  8. Change to increase the precision displayed in the proximity setting on the Waypoint Dialog.
  9. Changes to make creating error reports more robust.
  10. Change to remember the 'Portrait' or 'Landscape' layout setting for printing.
  11. Change to provide more robust communication with Pocket PC units, such as the iQue M3 and M5. Communication errors that are generated when talking to the iQue M5 are commonly caused by a software problem with the iQue M5. A software release for the M5 to address this problem is available now.
  12. Change so that routes calculated in MapSource won't cause driving direction problems on certain units, such as the Quest.
  13. Change so that MapSource is compatible with 512 MB Garmin data cards when the card is in the unit and data is transferred to the unit (via USB or serial). The 512 MB Garmin data cards are not currently compatible with the USB data card programmer.
  14. Changed the Route Dialog so that it won't prevent name changes that differ by only case. For example, 'my route' can now be renamed to 'My Route'.
  15. Fixed some issues with the Dutch and Norwegian translations.
  16. Fixed an issue where the Reset button on the Find Places Dialog didn't clear all of the fields properly.
  17. Fixed an issue with finding certain types of features in the Find Places Dialog with the same categories that are displayed in their properties.
  18. Fixed an issue where the maps tab was sorted incorrectly after inserting or removing selected maps.
  19. Fixed an issue with creating map size estimates when the map product contains DEM data.
  20. Fixed an issue with reporting elevations of small bodies of water in detailed maps of map products that contains DEM data.
  21. Fixed an issue with displaying properties for port services with limited information in marine maps.

Upgrade to MapSource V6.10.2 (Self-extracting ZIP-file, 16.4 MB)

To table of contents To table of contents

Changes made from version 6.8.0 to 6.9.1: (released 11/08/2005)

  1. Changed to merge data received from a GPS into the current document.
  2. Added several map POI icons, including summit, landmark, arena/track, sports/fitness center, city hall, dealer/auto parts, and bowling center.
  3. Added the ability to view the data contained in the current document in Google Earth, if it is installed.
  4. Added support for importing LOC files.
  5. Added the product restrictions dialog, which is shown when you open a map product that has limitations imposed by license restrictions with the map data vendor.
  6. Improved error reporting during communication with PocketPC devices.
  7. Changed the Route Preferences page to use a simpler road-selection preference.
  8. Changed to not show detailed map outlines when viewing areas that are not installed (in a partial install).
  9. Changed to notify the user what invalid data is received from a GPS, so that the user can correct or remove this data on the GPS.
  10. Changed the SI unit for speed from “kph” to “km/h”. (Note by TRAMsoft: finally !)
  11. Changed the splash window (shown at program startup) to be displayed on the same monitor that the program will be displayed on, in multi-monitor configurations.
  12. Changed the product info dialog to be resizable.
  13. Changed contour lines with no elevation data to display the string “Contour Line” instead of “Invalid Elevation”.
  14. Fixed an issue where a user’s data selection on the map was not visible in the user data list.
  15. Fixed an issue with a track segment selection being displayed after the track dialog was dismissed.
  16. Fixed issue with removing the last track point in the Track dialog.
  17. Fixed an issue with driving directions for routes that take a series of unnamed roads.
  18. Fixed an issue with certain key-stroke combinations in the track dialog.
  19. Fixed an issue with selecting the wrong track segment on the map when many track segments are close together.
  20. Fixed an issue where a selected track point was obscured by the scroll bar in the track dialog.
  21. Fixed a drawing artifact that could be caused when displaying a context menu over user data.
  22. Fixed an issue where addresses in multi-language products where not found when city names were in certain languages.
  23. Fixed an issue with creating a waypoint on certain map features when the map’s language is not the same as the computer’s language setting.
  24. Fixed issue with the UTC offset not being remembered properly in the Tide Prediction Dialog.
  25. Fixed issue with parking and rest-area labels not showing up properly in some NT maps.
  26. Fixed an issue exporting a GPX file that contained a waypoint with custom symbol 31.
  27. Fixed an issue with sending NT maps to Palm devices.
  28. Fixed 'Find Places' dialog to correctly handle states that occur in multiple countries.
  29. Fixed an issue with the waypoint symbol not being updated on the map when it was changed back to the original symbol in the waypoint dialog.
  30. Fixed an issue with the duplicate street names being shown in popup windows.

Upgrade to MapSource V6.9.1 (Self-extracting ZIP-file, 16.6 MB)

To table of contents To table of contents

Changes made from version 6.70 to 6.8.0: (released 08/12/2005)

  1. This will be the last version of MapSource to support reading/importing PCX5 files. For future compatibility, please migrate your data to the GPX format.
  2. Fixed error with the specification of some states or countries in searches in the “Find Places” dialog.
  3. Fixed issue with not being able to select states or countries in the “Find Places” dialog.
  4. Fixed issue with searches using states or countries that have names in multiple languages.
  5. Changed version number to use three numbers.

Upgrade to MapSource V6.8.0 (Self-extracting ZIP-file, 11.3 MB)

To table of contents To table of contents

Changes made from version 6.50 to 6.70:

  1. Added route road and area avoidances. To access avoidances, select “Manage Route Avoidances” on the Routing tab of the preferences dialog. Once avoidances are created, they are displayed on the main map, if appropriate, for the current map product.
  2. Added “Auto” option to the display of route avoidances. This will hide route avoidances when the map is zoomed out far enough.
  3. Added new “large” 24x24-pixel waypoint and map symbols. Select these symbols on the Display tab of the preferences dialog. Custom waypoint symbols can now be 24x24 and 32-bit color as well.
  4. Added the ability to show or hide the left-hand (user data) pane.
  5. Added tooltips to the waypoint symbol selector with the name of the waypoint type.
  6. Added celestial information dialog (sun-earth-moon constellation).
  7. Added schema extension to GPX for handling Garmin-specific data elements, such as waypoint depth. The location of the schema is documented in outputted GPX files.
  8. Updated the GPX Garmin extension (GPXXv1) to version 2 (GPXXv2) based on comments. GPXXv1 will not be supported.
  9. Added ability to manually set the Y-axis endpoints on vertical profile plots.
  10. Added “rest area” find subcategory.
  11. Added artificial reef and oil rig map symbols.
  12. Removed real-time tracking from MapSource. Use nRoute for PC real-time tracking applications.
  13. Made several map rendering performance improvements.
  14. Improved algorithm for selecting maps around tracks and routes.
  15. Improved error handling while transferring data to removable media and Garmin cards.
  16. Improved autoroute ETE ("Estimated Time Enroute") accuracy.
  17. Improved MapSource’s behavior on a PC with multiple monitors.
  18. Changed wrecks, obstructions, and isolated dangers to display the corresponding spot depth when it is known. This is enabled by turning on “Spot Soundings” in the Display preferences page.
  19. Changed MapSource to use Windows XP styles on PCs that support this.
  20. Changed the track vertical profile to use the same graphing style as the route vertical profile.
  21. 'Find category types' are no longer displayed when they aren’t valid for a particular map product.
  22. Change to optimize deleting multiple waypoints from a route.
  23. Change to reduce flickering of pop-ups on the map.
  24. Change to validate trackpoint timestamps before they are sent to a unit.
  25. Change to make user- and non-user waypoint dialogs have consistent “Show on Map” behavior.
  26. Changed waypoint symbol images to remove duplicate symbols.
  27. Change to more gracefully handle the case where a user transferring maps to a Palm doesn’t have enough hard-drive space.
  28. Changed behavior of toolbar combo boxes to behave more like standard combo boxes.
  29. Change to show stacked pop-up windows over densely packed map features.
  30. Changed behavior of some BlueChart map features to display the name instead of depth.
  31. Change so that GPX route import doesn’t always autoname the route.
  32. Changed formatting of Japanese address results.
  33. Changed the default “Terrain Shading” option on the Display Preferences page to be 'on'.
  34. Changed vertical profile windows so that they remember their last size and position.
  35. Changed string “iQue” in Device dialog to “Palm OS Device”.
  36. Changed waypoints timestamp to not be updated when changing certain fields in the waypoint, such as symbol or display type.
  37. Fixed issue performing “Select maps around” feature when in the No Map product.
  38. Fixed issues with short route avoidances avoiding the wrong places.
  39. Fixed issues with MapSource opening GPX files with Garmin extensions.
  40. Fixed issue drawing selected subsections of tracks on the map.
  41. Fixed issue associated with having Worldmap 3.02 and many newer products installed at the same time.
  42. Fixed issue on the 'find places' dialog with the reset button not properly clearing fields.
  43. Fixed properties for some features not correctly showing their category and subcategory.
  44. Fixed import of GPX files to handle prefixed names.
  45. Fixed parsing of custom waypoint symbol image names to only allow numeric names, such as “003.bmp”.
  46. Fixed issue with selecting maps around routes or tracks with only one point.
  47. Fixed issue with some XML files using a large amount of memory to import.
  48. Fixed issue where columns in the track dialog list control sometimes were improperly hidden.
  49. Fixed issue with partial string searching in the name field of the 'find places' dialog.
  50. Fixed find results with elevation information in the name to use the proper units.
  51. Fixed issue related to renaming a route while looking at the driving directions.
  52. Fixed issue with slow UI response while hovering over some areas with the map tool.
  53. Fixed issues related to saving user data on Garmin cards.
  54. Fixed issue in route dialog with multiple selections being ignored when “Center map on selected item” option is checked.
  55. Fixed issues during map rendering.
  56. Fixed issue while zooming in on a 'found city'.
  57. Fixed issue in the find places dialog with displaying a street name with an “&” character in the name.
  58. Fixed route speed preferences to set Autobahn speeds to the highest speed category.
  59. Fixed issue with 'find places' dialog field auto-completion in some Asian languages.
  60. Fixed issue with the route dialog’s 'insert waypoint' dialog having odd initial selections.
  61. Fixed issue with trying to change the waypoint symbol on a Windows 98/ME PC.
  62. Fixed issue with MapSource not using the current datum when exporting DXF.
  63. Fixed issue with routes calculated in autorouting map products being transferred to non-autorouting GPS’s. This caused the via point list on the GPS to have incorrect names.
  64. Fixed feature category and subcategory filtering in 'find nearest' dialog.

Upgrade to MapSource V6.70 (not available for download)

To table of contents To table of contents

Changes made from version 6.30 to 6.50: (released 01/03/2005)

  1. Updated the default document format to the new GDB version 2 format.
  2. Due to the availability of the Garmin nRoute application, no changes were made to the MapSource GPS tracking functionality.
  3. Provided the capability for the user to define up to 64 custom waypoint symbols.
  4. Added the capability to import GPX documents that use both versions 1.0 and 1.1 of the GPX schema and export GPX documents using version 1.1 of the schema.
  5. Added the ability to batch-edit certain properties of user waypoints.
  6. Added the ability to open GDB version 1, GDB version 2, MPS, GPX version 1.0, GPX version 1.1, and PCX5 documents using the "Open…" command in the "File" menu. Added the ability to save data to GDB version 1, GDB version 2, MPS, tab-delimited text, DXF, and GPX version 1.1 documents using the "Save As…" command in the "File" menu. Removed the "Import…" and "Export…" commands from the "File" menu.
  7. Simplified the selection of symbols in the Waypoint Properties dialog.
  8. Added the capability to do online software updates for non-Asian versions of MapSource.
  9. Provided a right-click context menu available from the main MapSource window for showing and hiding of the MapSource toolbars. In previous versions, this could only be accomplished from the View menu.
  10. Made some modifications to the Route Properties dialog to simplify the user experience. MapSource now disables the “Insert Waypoints” button when there are no waypoints in the active document, and disables the “Show on Map” when the route is empty. It is also now possible to insert multiple via points into the route in a single insert.
  11. Added the capability for users to create a route by selecting one or more waypoints in the list on the waypoints tab and then selecting the appropriate menu option from the right-click context menu.
  12. Added technology to allow for address searching in Asian map products.
  13. Moved the capability to adjust map detail from the preferences to the view menu/toolbar and removed the map detail slider control from the display tab of the preferences property sheet.
  14. Added the Icelandic Grid (ISN93).
  15. Added visual feedback on the vertical route profile so that the user knows the exact altitude and distance for a point they click on the graph. Also added the capability to select a second arbitrary point on the graph and determine the altitude and distance changes between the two points.
  16. Added new autorouting configuration option to avoid carpool lanes, if desired. Note that this feature is not supported in all map products.
  17. Changed the “OK” button to a “Close” button on non-editable properties dialogs (such as the tide prediction dialog) to decrease user confusion about how to exit the dialog.
  18. Added the capability for a user to be able to automatically select all the maps adjacent to a route, track, or waypoint.
  19. Modified drawing code so that the map labels are now drawn on top of GPS data like routes and tracks, but still appear below waypoint labels and the find results marker.
  20. Added direction arrows on selected routes so that it is easier for users to discern which direction a selected route is going.
  21. Lowered the minimum speed on the routing properties page to allow the use of more realistic speeds for generating routes using alternate vehicles such as pedestrians and bicycles. Also raised the maximum speed to allow more flexibility for the user in route planning.
  22. Added category & subcategory classifications to property pages for map features. This was done to help users better understand the classification scheme and be able to use it in feature finds.
  23. Added ability to zoom in on sections of a route profile.
  24. Reorganized categories used by the find places and find nearest dialogs to make finding items more intuitive.
  25. Added a reset button to clear the search parameter fields on the find dialog.
  26. Changed the help menu commands. We now have the command “MapSource help” which replaces the two commands “Contents” and “Index…” for accessing the MapSource help file. This was necessary due to changes made by Microsoft in the behavior of some system help file functions.
  27. Modified the context menu that a user gets when she/he clicks on the map window to have the following behaviors: A context menu in the map window will only apply to one GPS feature (the one under the mouse when the user right clicks), and non route-specific menu items should not be in the route context menu.
  28. Modified MapSource so that all files, regardless of type, are added to the most recently opened files list on the file menu.
  29. Added the capability to create waypoints with known altitudes at any arbitrary position on maps that contain elevation data. On such map products, previous versions of MapSource would only fill in the altitude field in waypoints that were created on contour lines or point features that had a known altitude.
  30. Removed option for sending terrain shading data to GPS from the Maps tab. The determination to send this information will now be made automatically depending on whether the GPS the maps are being sent to supports it.
  31. Added technology to the find dialog for address and intersection searches that will exclude cities from the list of available cities that don't have any associated road information.
  32. Modified the process for transferring maps to a GPS device so that MapSource checks to ensure that it can successfully unlock all the maps being transferred on the destination GPS before starting the lengthy index-building step. This will prevent customers from having to sit through the index building of their map set and then find out that some of the maps are unable to be unlocked (and therefore unusable) on their GPS.
  33. Changed the label of the column on the routes tab that was previously labeled “waypoints” to be labeled “via points”.
  34. Improved the error text that a user gets when a write operation to a USB card programmer fails to verify.
  35. Added some improvements to the device auto-detection code to decrease the likelihood of a failure while searching for user devices.
  36. Changed behavior of route dialog so that if a user aborts the calculation of driving directions when clicking on the driving directions tab, they will stay on the via points tab and not see the driving directions tab with empty driving directions.
  37. Removed term “non-dangerous” that was in the description of some marine map features.
  38. Put in improved error reporting to assist the user when problems are encountered trying to transfer a map set to a Garmin iQue device.
  39. Added additional error reporting parameters such as stack traces to certain error messages to improve the ability to debug the error.
  40. Changed the logic in the driving directions generation software to better discriminate between the need for a “u-turn” and a “sharp left/right” turn in appropriate conditions.
  41. Modified MapSource to provide the user with more useful feedback in certain situations where the program failed because of an invalid entry in the MapSource registry entries.
  42. Modified the transfer dialogs to correctly reflect the fact that the cfQue device does not currently support route transfer.
  43. Modified the waypoint dialog to correctly truncate the timestamp string when it was too long for the field it is displayed in.
  44. Added an improved description of the removable media devices that show up in the list of devices that are automatically detected.
  45. Added additional postal code filtering to the finder logic to help speed up searches being done when a postal code is provided.
  46. Modified the find nearest logic to speed up the find nearest searches.
  47. Modified find places and find nearest so that the user has the ability to abort finds that take a long time.
  48. Added elevation information to the position information that we currently display on the status bar when the user hovers the mouse over the map. This will be available in certain map products that include altitude information.
  49. Repositioned the toolbar on the track properties page so that it would be easier for users to understand that the toolbar functions will work in the name field as well as the trackpoints list.
  50. Modified the find nearest dialog to remember when the user types an entry in the “containing” field.
  51. Modified the find nearest dialog so that the “Waypoints” category option is not displayed if there are not currently any waypoints in MapSource (so that the find would always fail).
  52. Modified the find dialog so that the Find button will be pushed if user hits the enter key after typing in some entries in the find parameters.
  53. Modified MapSource so that when a waypoint is created on a city map feature, the application will automatically use the City icon.
  54. Modified the find places dialog so that input typed in the parameter fields is saved after the user clicks find. This was done to create a consistent behavior with the find nearest dialog. The previous version of the find places dialog saved the input data immediately after the user typed it into the field (whether find was hit or not). It was decided that this could be confusing to users.
  55. Added support for scroll-wheel in the auto-complete fields on the find dialog.
  56. Removed maximize and minimize buttons from the Waypoint dialog since these buttons were not appropriate and did not work correctly as well.
  57. Added the select all menu option to the context menu that is brought up when the user right clicks on the via-points list in the route dialog.
  58. Fixed issue where find results marker on map was not correctly cleared in the map window when the user cancelled out of a find recent or find nearest search.
  59. Fixed issue where some controls on the route dialog were not being drawn correctly when the dialog was being resized.
  60. Fixed issue where detailed map data was not correctly display in some maps associated with certain Blue Chart products.
  61. Fixed issue where the auto-router would fail when trying to route in certain map conditions.
  62. Fixed issue where MapSource would fail when certain modifications were made to a waypoint in the Waypoint Properties dialog.
  63. Fixed issue where the Waypoint label was covered up by the map feature label in some instances.
  64. Fixed issue where vertical route profiler could fail on extremely long routes.
  65. Reworded potentially confusing prompt that was displayed when MapSource was started with no map products installed.
  66. Fixed issue where the wrong color was being used to fill in certain non-map areas at some zoom scales.
  67. Fixed issue on the find nearest dialog where the search distance was not being updated correctly if the user modified this value and then initiated a search by hitting the Enter key.
  68. Fixed issue where the find dialogs might not correctly remember the category/subcategory of the previous feature search in languages other than English.
  69. Fixed issue where a marquee created with the map selection tool might select the wrong maps.
  70. Changed the color of the marine exposed rock symbol.
  71. Changed the line style of marine clearing lines.
  72. Fixed issue with reporting transfer errors with removable media.
  73. Fixed issue where if the pointer hovered over a selected waypoint and it was deleted, the pointer popup wasn’t removed.
  74. Changed behavior of “Show on Map” for individual route and track points to be consistent with the waypoint’s behavior.
  75. Fixed some localization issues in several Asian languages.
  76. Fixed several autorouting issues.
  77. Fixed a vertical profiling issue.
  78. Fixed issue with trying to create a route near the North or South pole.
  79. Changed software version number from 6.3 to 6.5.

Upgrade to MapSource V6.50 (Self-extracting ZIP-file, 11.4 MB)

To table of contents To table of contents

Changes made from version 6.10 to 6.30: (released 06/29/2004)

  1. Changed software version number from 6.1 to 6.3.
  2. Fixed issue with searching in multi-product families where a map from the wrong product could be shown behind the search result.
  3. Fixed some alignment issues in the Japanese and Korean resource localizations.
  4. Fixed issue where a route name with Asian characters could be corrupted when displayed in the route dialog.
  5. Fixed issue where products with non-English characters could crash during a search.
  6. Fixed issue where new Marine maps could crash because of new light colors.
  7. Updated some route calculation parameters for more optimal routing solutions.
  8. Fixed issue with searching in multi-product families where features from a non-current product might be ignored.

Upgrade to MapSource V6.30 (Self-extracting ZIP-file, 10.2 MB)

To table of contents To table of contents

Changes made from version 5.40 to 6.10: (released 05/24/2004)

  1. MapSource 6.0 and newer will no longer support Windows 95. Also, for Windows NT 4.0 computers, MapSource will now require Internet Explorer 4.0 or greater to be installed.
  2. Updated the toolbar and menu layouts to simplify the experience for new users.
  3. Changed the view toolbar so that the product selection box is not shown unless the user has multiple map products installed.
  4. Added the capability to auto-detect all types of connected Garmin devices. This simplifies the process a user must go through to send/receive data with their Garmin device. Technology was also included into the auto-detection of devices to remember the last auto-detected device. Thus, if the user always has the same devices connected to the same ports, they should not have to search for their device more than once.
  5. Updated various places where MapSource interacts with the GPS to use the new auto-detect technology, including transferring data to/from the GPS, getting the GPS’ unit id, renaming the GPS, and setting the PC Clock from the GPS.
  6. Added ability for the user to associate file links or Internet addresses with waypoints, routes, and tracks. These links will be exported to text and DXF files when a file export is performed.
  7. Added support for waypoint categories.
  8. Added support for terrain shading display for products that have this information in their map data.
  9. Added option to the main Maps tab to include/exclude terrain shading map data in map transfers to the GPS. This option is enabled if any maps in the selected map set contain terrain shading information as part of their map data.
  10. Added support for vertical profiles of routes on maps that support vertical route profile information.
  11. Changed the waypoint dialog to allow the user to show more or less detail. The default setting is to show less detail.
  12. Modified MapSource to detect fully locked map products at start-up and notify the user of available unlocking options.
  13. Changed MapSource to use the UnlockWizard for providing the user with map unlock services in non-Asian language versions of the program.
  14. Added 'find recent' and 'find nearest' options to the route dialog.
  15. Provided users with the capability to limit “find nearest” search results to those matches that “contain” specified words.
  16. Added the ability for a user to perform a 'find nearest' search from the context menu of the via point list in the route dialog. This allows the user to find map features closest to the via point that the user selects in the list when he or she right-clicks to bring up the context menu.
  17. Improved interface for finder. Added “auto complete” technology that uses a drop-down control to display word matches while the user types.
  18. Removed the color field from waypoint and track dialogs since MapSource does not use this value. The color value associated with a waypoint or track is still preserved as part of the item’s stored information so that it will still be present for GPS devices that utilize this value. However, users can no longer view and edit this value from the MapSource user interface.
  19. Updated MapSource to use the new GDB file format.
  20. Added capability to import files from the old MPS file format and export GDB files to the old MPS file format. When importing older format files, the base name of the files is preserved in an effort to simplify the conversion process.
  21. Added the capability to copy and paste between this version of MapSource and other applications (including older versions of MapSource) which may use a different version of the data.
  22. Updated the route dialog to copy a text version of the via-points onto the clipboard. Also provided the capability to copy the text of driving directions to the clipboard from the driving directions tab.
  23. Added temperature and time stamp to waypoints.
  24. Improved the vertical track profile by making the window resizable and adding keyboard support for scrolling and zooming.
  25. Reorganized route and track dialogs to make more commonly used fields more readily accessible to new users.
  26. Added a preference for avoiding unpaved roads while autorouting. Note that this preference may not be fully supported by some older Garmin map products.
  27. Removed the use of the F3/Shift-F3 shortcuts, which were used for navigating the recently found places.
  28. Added the accelerator Ctrl-Alt-F to bring up the Recently Found Places.
  29. Changed the 'recently found places' dialog to automatically select the first 'recently found place' when it is brought up.
  30. The strings specifying the types of files MapSource can export were translated so that they will appear in the same language as MapSource. The previous version always displayed these in English regardless of what language MapSource was using.
  31. Changed the color of the question mark being displayed over the vessel (when its location is unknown) to white for enhanced visibility.
  32. Modified the application so that all dialogs with system menus in the upper-left corner (such as the route dialog) will now display the MapSource icon for this menu. The previous version displayed the default Windows icon to mark the menu.
  33. Added code so that MapSource beta builds now expire 60 days after their build date. After expiration, the application will instruct the user on how to update their application to the latest version.
  34. Changed MapSource so that the entire map is not redrawn when the crosshair is enabled.
  35. Added access to the “duplicate routes” function in applicable MapSource context menus.
  36. Removed the “make waypoint” button from the finder dialog in situations where the user opens the finder from within the route dialog.
  37. Changed style of MapSource toolbars to have “grippers” so that the individual toolbars are more easily visible to the user.
  38. Added notification for transfers to the iQue reminding the user of the need to perform a Hot Sync with the device to complete the transfer.
  39. Added new waypoint symbols to MapSource. Added the following symbols in the colors red, green, and blue: flags, pins, circles, ovals, rectangles, blocks, letters A-D, numbers 0-9, and triangles. In addition, added the following individual symbols: blue diamonds, blue squares, bike trail, police station, fishing hot spot facility, ski resort, ice skating, wrecker, no anchor, beacon, coast guard, reef, weed bed, drop off, dock, marina, bait and tackle, and stump. Modified the waypoint symbol previously called 'marina' to now be called 'anchor' to better associate it with the symbol.
  40. Because of quantity of new waypoint symbols, the color descriptor for the waypoint symbol types that have colors was moved to the end of the symbol ID so that like icons would be grouped together by symbol type and not by color (for example, “red square” is now “square, red” and will be grouped with squares and not red waypoint symbols).
  41. Added the RT 90 grid.
  42. Modified the scale on map window to display text notifying the user when all map detail is locked and, thus, not visible or available for transfer to a GPS.
  43. Added the capability to display a highway’s cardinal direction as part of its map label.
  44. Added the capability to display tide stations notes when a station has this data available in the map.
  45. Added the postal code parameter to address and intersection searches to allow users to limit these results to those in certain postal codes. The postal codes users are able to use are specific to the Garmin map product in which they are searching. Some map products may not support this capability.
  46. Made the waypoint, route, and track dialogs consistent in the way that they handle repositioning and zooming of the map window that occurs while the user is in the properties dialog. Now, each dialog will remember the initial position/zoom scale of the map when the user opens the properties for a waypoint, route, or track. If the user exits the dialog by clicking 'cancel', MapSource will return to the position/zoom scale it was at when the dialog started. If they exit by clicking 'Ok', the dialog will remain in the last position/zoom scale that it was while the user was in the dialog.
  47. Added new map symbol for non-dangerous underwater rocks.
  48. Added inherent support for mouse wheel scrolling to the map window, vertical track profile, and tide dialog. This is necessary on both machines with Microsoft’s Intellipoint version 5.0 and newer (since Universal Scrolling was removed in version 5.0) and on machines that lacked Intellipoint.
  49. Changed how MapSource interacts with the system clipboard so that users can cut and paste between instances of MapSource without having to leave Mapsource open for this to work. In previous versions, if you copied something to the clipboard and exited MapSource, the information would not be on the clipboard for pasting when you opened up another application. Now, MapSource data will stay on the clipboard until the next time the user does a new cut or copy.
  50. Changed the precision of the display of inter-tidal depths to be one tenth of a unit. Also, changed the way inter-tidal depths that are actually heights above the water are displayed to be consistent with the manner in which they are displayed on paper charts.
  51. Updated the map transfer process so that if the user selects a map set that is too large for his or her destination device, MapSource will provide them with a more useful error message. The message lets the user know how big their selected mapset is and how much room the destination device has, so that the user will have an easier time determining how many maps must be removed from the current set in order for the new set to fit.
  52. Moved via point properties button on route dialog from the route dialog’s toolbar to a standard button labeled “Properties”.
  53. Changed how waypoint name conflicts are handled. We now will automatically resolve these conflicts when possible. If this is not possible, we have added a more informative error message for situations where the user must make a decision about how to handle the conflict.
  54. Updated the Austrian datum to match the new standards.
  55. Modified the route and track dialogs to allow the user to paste into the dialog when no item is selected if the route or track is empty.
  56. Updated route dialog to allow copy, cut, or delete when the item is selected.
  57. Changed transfer to GPS code to strictly enforce Garmin-defined waypoint specifications. This was done to prevent failures that occurred on some GPS’ when waypoints with extremely long names/descriptions were transferred.
  58. Updated waypoint dialogs to only change the symbol and display type after the user exits the field when they have made a change to the value. The previous code would change the icon every time the field changed which resulted in the icon changing while the user was merely scrolling through the list using the arrow keys.
  59. Provided some optimizations for improving the drawing speed of the map.
  60. Changed right-click menu option on tide stations from “Feature Properties…” to “Predict Tides…” for added clarity as to what this menu selection actually does.
  61. Changed the menu option for bringing up map data unlocking features from “Unlock Regions” to “Unlock Maps”.
  62. Added menu shortcut key ‘M’ for the File menu’s “Send Mail…” feature.
  63. Added the ability to export waypoint categories to DXF and tab-delimited text files.
  64. Changed medical facility symbol to a blue cross.
  65. Added ability to receive tracks from the ForeRunner GPS.
  66. Added access to duplicate routes function in the context menu you get when right-clicking on routes in the Routes tab.
  67. Added the ability to search for partial strings in the finder for feature search feature names and city search city names.
  68. Updated the trademark symbol after the name 'MapSource' in the splash screen to be a registered trademark.
  69. Modified file export dialog to automatically fill in the base name of the current gdb file as the default name for the exported file.
  70. Modified track stats display so that if a track is selected from either the tracks tab or the map window, the statistics display will always show the track stats for the entire track.
  71. Added capability to remember the last file extension type from which the user imported.
  72. Fixed issue where a detailed map might not be visible at certain zoom levels if the map is very close to the edge of the screen.
  73. Fixed issue where basemap labels were not being displayed if a user zoomed to a level where detailed maps should be drawn, but the map product lacked detailed maps in that area.
  74. Fixed issue where the right-click context menu was not always getting updated to display the correct options to the user in certain situations.
  75. Fixed issue where some data input locations were not properly validating the text that a user input.
  76. Fixed issue where MapSource was not gracefully handling the case where the language resource file was missing.
  77. Fixed issue where MapSource would fail when the user attempted to use the system menu while in print preview mode.
  78. Fixed issue where the print preview flickered when MapSource was real-time tracking.
  79. Corrected issue where the product selectors in the view menu and view toolbar were not always showing the same product being selected.
  80. Added code to more robustly handle an issue where MapSource would fail if the map product registry key became corrupted.
  81. Fixed issue where MapSource would fail if a value in the registry became corrupted.
  82. Fixed issue where MapSource would fail if the user switched between various types of map products in a certain sequence.
  83. Fixed issue where it appeared that a waypoint was still visible on the map if you find the waypoint in the finder and then delete it.
  84. Fixed issue where the 'recently found places' toolbar button was not being properly disabled/enabled when the “number of recently found places to remember” was updated in the find preferences.
  85. Fixed issue where the open file dialog was not being correctly cleared from the screen when a user opened an extremely large data file.
  86. Fixed issue where waypoint dialog would incorrectly display the depth of waypoints when the depth units were not in feet.
  87. Fixed issue where MapSource would fail when selecting certain maps in MetroGuide Canada v4 and trying to send them to a GPS or card programmer.
  88. Fixed issue where the route dialog would be slow to redraw itself when the user was viewing driving directions and resizing the dialog.
  89. Fixed issue where MapSource would fail when the proximity of a waypoint was set to an extremely large number.
  90. Fixed issue where MapSource would fail if the location of a map product on the user’s PC changed since installation, and then he or she tried to send some maps from this map product.
  91. Fixed issue where user was erroneously prompted to save an empty document when he or she tried to open a corrupted file and it failed.
  92. Fixed issue where a user might get a partially opened GPS data file when a corrupted file is opened.
  93. Fixed issue where MapSource would fail when merging two files using cut/copy and paste with certain combinations of data.
  94. Fixed issue where MapSource would fail when doing certain combinations of data operations in the route dialog.
  95. Fixed issue where clicking on the tide prediction window would not set the keyboard input focus to the window.
  96. Fixed issue where a user could not tab to the list of tide extremes in the tide prediction window.
  97. Fixed a drawing artifact that happened when users were constructing routes, had a pop-up appear over the route tool’s black line, and then exited the route tool using the 'esc' key.
  98. Made changes to decrease the amount of flickering that occurs when resizing certain dialogs in MapSource.
  99. Fixed the status bar so that it lists the correct number of via points in a route when the route is selected using the selection tool.
  100. Fixed issue where MapSource would fail when clicking on Find from within the route dialog and 'No Map' is the selected product.
  101. Fixed issue where MapSource would scroll back to the top of the list in the Waypoints, Routes, or Tracks pages after a modification was made to an item far down in a long list and the property page for that item was closed. Now, the program ensures that the selected item is visible in the list control after modifications.
  102. Fixed issue where users would experience problems in data transfer between the application and certain GPS devices after aborting a transfer and then trying to send to the GPS immediately afterwards.
  103. Fixed issue where the document title was not set back to 'Untitled' if MapSource had a valid document open and it then failed when opening a different document, even though the document was empty.
  104. Fixed issue where copyright string was not being correctly displayed on some map products.
  105. Fixed issue where Lake Erie was not visible at certain zoom scales in America’s BlueChart v6.0.
  106. Fixed issue where waypoint altitudes were not getting correctly set in some new waypoints when MapSource was in metric units.
  107. Fixed issue where the text displayed in the fatal dialog for some MapSource exceptions was incorrectly being overwritten.
  108. Fixed issue where MapSource would not make the Properties button available when a user found tide stations in the 'find nearest'.
  109. Fixed issue where MapSource would fail when the user opened the Product Info with certain map products installed.
  110. Changed software version number from 6.0 to 6.1.
  111. Updated address searching for compatibility with some new map products.
  112. Fixed issue where MapSource would fail under certain situations when trying to auto-detect a USB GPS device.
  113. Added the display of a 'wait cursor' when doing potentially lengthy operations saving the current file to disk or exporting it to MPS format.

Upgrade to MapSource V6.10 (Self-extracting ZIP-file, 10.2 MB)

To table of contents To table of contents

Changes made from version 5.30 to 5.40: (released 11/17/2003)

  1. Fixed an issue in the Find Waypoints feature.
  2. Fixed issue where MapSource was improperly handling waypoint names that contained invalid characters that were sent to it from Asian GPS devices.
  3. Fixed issue where MapSource would fail if it tried to send waypoints with extremely long names to certain GPS devices.
  4. Fixed issue where MapSource would fail on start-up if the registry contained an invalid key. Now it detects the invalid key and notifies the user that the program must be reinstalled.
  5. Fixed issue where MapSource would fail if the user pasted auto-generated routes from one instance of MapSource to another non-empty instance of the program and then tried to replace any duplicate waypoints.
  6. Changed MapSource so that all devices that allow map transfer will consistently and correctly handle how they check for whether a map set of a given size can be transferred to a device. Also added code so that if the size of a set of maps is greater than the size of the destination device, it will alert the user to this problem much earlier in the process.
  7. Added support for IOS tide stations.
  8. Fixed issue where MapSource would exit with a Window error message if the language dll file was missing. Now the program detects that the language file is missing and notifies the user that he or she must reinstall it.

Upgrade to MapSource V5.40 (Self-extracting ZIP-file, 7.0 MB)

To table of contents To table of contents

Changes made from version 5.20 to 5.30: (released 10/03/2003)

  1. Fixed issue where the abbreviations for north, south, east and west were incorrectly displayed as localized strings in latitude and longitudes.
  2. Fixed issue where the go to position dialog was not working correctly in Asian localized versions of MapSource.
  3. Fixed some translation issues in Asian language resources.
  4. Fixed issue where MapSource would fail on some builds of Windows 95, because it tried to enumerate available USB devices. This feature is not available on operating systems older than Windows 98.

Upgrade to MapSource V5.30 (Self-extracting ZIP-file, 7.0 MB)

To table of contents To table of contents

Changes made from version 5.00 to 5.20: (released 09/16/2003)

  1. Internationalized MapSource to support multiple languages. Localized the program into French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Chinese (Traditional), and Chinese (Simplified).
  2. Fixed issue where the Vertical Track Profile was incorrectly displaying the distance zoom scale in the horizontal axis label when the scale had a decimal point in the value.
  3. Fixed issue where the File menu’s 'Open From' and 'Save To' menu options were not disabled during real-time tracking.
  4. Fixed issue where program would fail when F3 was used to view recently found results and the result was an address.
  5. Fixed issue where the route dialog would fail if an 'undo' or 'redo' action resulted in an empty route and the user clicked on the driving directions tab.
  6. Fixed issue in the route dialog where an attempt to add consecutive duplicate via points in the route resulted in the undo button being activated - but when the user clicked on the button, nothing was undone.
  7. Fixed issue where the autorouter was sometimes adding unnecessary loops when calculating autoroutes.
  8. Fixed issue where, if a route had non-consecutive duplicate via points and the user tried to delete any one of these duplicates, MapSource would always delete the first one, even if the first waypoint was not the one selected.
  9. Fixed issue in MapSource where the redo button was not being disabled correctly when the user performed a waypoint insertion and the redo button was already enabled.
  10. Fixed issue where MapSource would have a pronounced delay if the user tried to insert a waypoint into a route with no insertion point selected in that route.
  11. Fixed issue where copyright strings would get cut off if they were greater than the width of the page while printing or print previewing maps. Added the ability to word-wrap these copyright strings to the page width.
  12. Fixed issue where the GPS tab’s compass would be drawn to overlap the position field in some cases.
  13. Fixed issue where some grid selections would cause the position text to get cut off in the position field of the GPS tab.
  14. Fixed issue where the select device button would become unavailable if the selected COM port was already in use by another device when the user tried to start real-time tracking.
  15. Fixed issue where the seabed nature text was not being correctly centered in BlueChart products.
  16. Fixed various issues that caused the finder to not perform some searches correctly.
  17. Fixed issue where the undo button would be erroneously enabled when maps were automatically removed from an mps file. This issue could cause MapSource to fail if the user then clicked on the undo button.
  18. Fixed some translation issues in Japanese resources.
  19. Fixed issue where autoroutes were not correctly following the roads in the detailed maps in some parts of the middle of long routes.
  20. Fixed issue where portions of larger copyright logos were being cut off when MapSource showed these images after the display of the MapSource splash screen in map products that have logos.
  21. Fixed issue where map transfers to the iQue 3600 actually required twice the size of the map data being transferred in free disk space for a successful transfer.

Upgrade to MapSource V5.20 (Self-extracting ZIP-file, 7.0 MB)

To table of contents To table of contents

Changes made from version 4.13 to 5.00:

  1. MapSource 5.0 is an English only release. Multilanguage support will follow.
  2. Changed the MapSource Mps data file version to 1.05.
  3. Fixed issue for autorouting on Metroguide maps.
  4. Added wait cursor to indicate the system is busy during route recalculation and inversion operations.
  5. Added ability to filter tracks. This can be done while real-time tracking, or with previously saved tracks. In real-time tracking, the points are filtered as they arrive using filter settings that can be modified from the GPS tab. With saved tracks, a user can filter the entire track or any sub-selection of two or more track points from the filter button on the track properties dialog. A user can filter by time, distance, or automatic in all situations and by maximum points on saved tracks only.
  6. Added ability to calculate area of a track and display on track dialog.
  7. Added area calculation to distance measurement tool.
  8. Added user preference for area to the units tab of the preferences dialog.
  9. Redesigned the track properties dialog's stats display to be a table for easier reading.
  10. Added the Dutch, Finnish, Loran TD, South African, and EOV Hungarian grids.
  11. Added Croatia and Qatar National datum.
  12. Forced a relationship between a grid and its associated datum where appropriate. This is done because certain grids are not accurate if they are not used with the appropriate datum. For example, the QNG grid is always associated with the Qatar National datum.
  13. Modified the layout of the Grid/Datum preferences tabs to support the new grids and datums and the new association rules.
  14. Corrected an issue where the New Zealand grid was using an improper convergence algorithm.
  15. Fixed issue where scrollbar was not being displayed on the GPS tab at 640x480 resolution.
  16. Fixed issue that caused the status bar text in the main frame of the MapSource window to be truncated.
  17. Fixed issue where the status bar would flash when the mouse is moved around the screen.
  18. Fixed issue where status bar did not properly 'restore' itself in some instances after viewing a dialog.
  19. Fixed issue causing distance measurement to display distances in the status bar with too little precision.
  20. Added code to prevent MapSource from loading improperly formed routes from GPS Devices (those routes that have a route node as the first waypoint, a known issue in some GPS Devices).
  21. Added Cardinal Direction as a new Heading type on the units preferences tab.
  22. Fixed issue that prevented user’s from importing routes with large number of duplicate waypoint names.
  23. Changed tide prediction so that the Tide dialog is now displayed using the 'Feature Properties' right click context menu command instead of having a unique command.
  24. Changed MapSource so that BlueChart spot depths are now centered.
  25. Added support for transferring maps to removable media (Compact Flash, Secure Digital) over USB.
  26. Modified the transfer to device interface so that each device type is enumerated in a separate menu command. This command opens a dialog that only contains transfer options specific to that device type. The menu commands are individually enabled or disabled depending on whether the user can send to or open from a specific device type.
  27. Modified Open From GPS and Save To GPS command buttons to be drop down buttons allowing the user to select the device type to do the transfer from a list of available device types. This opens the same device type specific dialog mentioned above. The behavior for the button itself is to open the dialog for the last device type used for a transfer.
  28. The user in no longer able to send Maps to a device if no maps are selected.
  29. Added capability to erase the Garmin Storage Card.
  30. Modified MapSource behavior so that if the user tries to open user data (i.e. maps, waypoints, routes, and tracks) from a GPS device, and the GPS device contains none of the selected data items, the user is notified of the problem and the transfer is terminated. Previously, MapSource would open nothing, and then say, “The data was successfully opened”.
  31. Removed the prompts from the selected Maps tab that would display the text “(may not fit)” or '(may be too many)' after the selected maps count/size because this could be misleading for users who had multiple devices to which they were transferring data.
  32. Added capability to send waypoints, routes, and tracks to and read them from Garmin storage cards.
  33. Moved the selection of the device used for real-time tracking from the transfer preferences tab to a dialog opened by a button on the GPS tab itself.
  34. Moved the checkbox for including autorouting data in map transfers from the transfer preferences tab to the maps tab where it is more easily accessible to the user. Changed its behavior so that it is disabled unless the user selects maps that make this decision necessary.
  35. Removed the transfer preferences tab from the preferences dialog since it was no longer used.
  36. Added a new waypoint symbol for Water Hydrant.
  37. Added maneuver types for handling driving directions when exiting the 5-8th exits in a roundabout.
  38. Fixed issue with incorrect display of scrollbars in the tide dialog and vertical track profile.
  39. Changed name of region submenu on the view menu to be product. Changed all associated text to be consistent.
  40. Modified maps tab so that maps are sorted based on the map size displayed. The previous version incorrectly sorted maps based on the size excluding autorouting information, and did not consider the user selection for including the data even though this selection was used in determining the map size to display.
  41. Fixed issue where the right click context menu and keyboard accelerator keys were not being correctly disabled in the track dialog when it was the active track in real-time tracking.
  42. Fixed an issue where the track points in the active track dialog would scroll to the top of the list every time a track point was added during real-time tracking.
  43. Changed the name of the dialog used for managing unlocking of Garmin map products from unlock codes to unlock regions. Also changed the associated menu command used to access it. Reorganized this dialog to make it easier to use and understand.
  44. Fixed an issue with the inability to read user data from certain older GPS Devices on Asian language Windows platforms.
  45. Changed the name of the Autorouting preference tab to Routing. Reorganized some of the options on this tab to simplify the user experience. Additionally, those options that were not applicable to direct routing are disabled when the user selects the direct routing style.
  46. Added support for sending maps to Garmin iQue Palm device.
  47. Added support for reading tracks from the Garmin iQue Palm device.
  48. Split the route dialog into separate via point and driving directions tabs to support improved functionality and ease of use.
  49. Added capability to rearrange via points from within the route dialog.
  50. Added the capability to cut/copy/paste/delete/edit via points using a new toolbar on the route dialog. Also added undo/redo capability on route dialog for these processes. Provided keyboard shortcuts and right click context menu access for these menu commands.
  51. Added ability to print driving directions from the driving directions tab.
  52. Removed the Insert Waypoints button from the route properties dialog since waypoint addition can now be done using the Find button.
  53. MapSource no longer allows the user to add waypoints to the route that will result in consecutive duplicate via points.
  54. Made significant improvements to the finder dialog. The traditional finder’s capabilities are now referred to as “Find Place”. It has been replaced by a dialog with multiple tabs separating the various types of searches that the user can now perform including: Feature, City, Address, and Waypoint. New waypoint search type is only available when there are waypoints to search.
  55. Added “spell and find” searching for states and countries to allow for selecting the name of a state or a country from a list as was previously done with cities.
  56. Added category and subcategory feature searching parameters. This allows for users to search for specific categories of Points of Interest with or without additional information. The new feature search now allows for searching by name without specifying a City, State, or Country.
  57. Address searching was modified to rank searching results by the “quality” of the match. The previous version showed results in alphabetical order.
  58. Added the find nearest capability to allow users to do searches around a specific point on the map.
  59. Added the find recent capability, which stores the results of recently performed searches and allows the user to navigate through this list and more easily redo frequently performed searches.
  60. Added user preference settings for the new finder capabilities to a Find tab in the preferences dialog.
  61. Added the ability to be able to create waypoints from found results directly from the finder dialog.
  62. Changed find dialog so that it remembers the last input value in each of the finder fields.
  63. Added menu command and toolbar button for doing a find nearest search starting at the center of the map.
  64. Reworked the city finder dialog so that it is more consistent with the behavior of the other finders.
  65. Provided the capability to better negotiate higher baud rates for serial map transfers to the GPS Device.
  66. Fixed an issue where the allowed range of values for the custom speeds in the routing preferences tab was not being enforced.
  67. Fixed issue where the “New Track…” menu item on the Edit Menu did not display a description of its action in the status bar.
  68. Fixed issue where MapSource would not respond to the enter key being pressed on buttons in some instances such as on the GPS and Maps tabs.
  69. Fixed issue with not being able to tab through the controls on the GPS tab.
  70. Modified MapSource error log entries so that all future entries will include the application name.
  71. Added error prompt to inform user when no map products were installed.
  72. Added support for display of Scrub, Tundra, and Orchard area types.
  73. Modified the fatal dialog so that instructions to the user would be more appropriate in both beta testing and final release builds.
  74. Fixed issue where MapSource was failing when transferring routes and waypoints from certain units when some of the waypoints had proximity information.

Upgrade to MapSource V5.00 (englisch version only) (Self-extracting ZIP-file, 4.8 MB)

To table of contents To table of contents

Changes made from version 4.12 to 4.13: (released 03/12/2003)

  1. Integrated translation corrections made by Taiwan to the Traditional Chinese, Korean, and Japanese resources.
  2. Fixed an issue where the Tide Prediction calendar control was not working correctly in some date ranges when Windows was set to a time zone that automatically adjusted for daylight-savings time.
  3. Corrected an issue where MapSource would allow tide predictions to occur outside the appropriate time range restrictions imposed by the current tide prediction code. This would lead to some invalid prediction values for the out-of-range times.
  4. Fixed an issue where MapSource would crash if the registry value that stored the user preference for distance units, which was set by MapSource 4.09 and older, contained an invalid value. Now, if an invalid string is encountered for this preference, MapSource will replace it with the default value.
  5. Fixed an issue where MapSource would not correctly send the Dark Green track color to some units.
  6. Fixed a problem where MapSource would not be able to import routes which contained a large number of duplicate map points.
  7. Fixed an issue that caused MapSource to set an invalid position for certain waypoints that were put into routes from the finder.
  8. Corrected a problem where MapSource would fail if it got a bad depth or elevation label from the map.
  9. Fixed an issue that caused MapSource to crash when inverting a route in European City Navigator version 5.

Upgrade to MapSource V4.13 (Self-extracting ZIP-file, 6.4 MB)

To table of contents To table of contents

Changes made from version 4.11 to 4.12: (released 03/04/2003)

  1. Fixed an issue in keyboard selection of waypoints in the waypoint tab and waypoint selection dialog. Now a key press will select the first waypoint below the current selection that has a name starting with the letter entered. MapSource 4.11 erroneously selected the last waypoint whose name started with that letter.
  2. Fixed an issue which prevented the user from changing the case of Waypoint, Route, and Track names.
  3. Fixed an issue where MapSource would incorrectly alter some map labels when the user was running the program with Asian language configurations.
  4. Fixed an issue where MapSource would crash when trying to display marine charts with dates prior to 1970.

Upgrade to MapSource V4.12 (Self-extracting ZIP-file, 6.3 MB)

To table of contents To table of contents

Changes made from version 4.10 to 4.11: (released 01/08/2003)

  1. Modified code to improve performance of data transfers to GPS unit.
  2. Fixed several defects associated with the handling of Asian characters.
  3. Fixed problem where hovering over the print icon did not show a tooltip.
  4. Fixed bug where route headings were being exported incorrectly.
  5. Fixed bug where scrollbar on the real time tracking page was not always displayed when it should have been.
  6. Modified creation of the waypoint description so that it used the name of the nearest feature, if any, or a date/time stamp if no feature name is available. MapSource 4.10 always inserted an English language data/time stamp in this field.
  7. Fixed bug where MapSource would crash if it could not correctly read in the value for Grid, Datum, or Heading written to the registry by an older version of MapSource.

Upgrade to MapSource V4.11 (Self-extracting ZIP-file, 6.4 MB)

To table of contents To table of contents

Changes made from version 4.09 to 4.10: (released 12/13/2002)

  1. Internationalized MapSource to support multiple languages. Localized the program into Chinese (simplified), Chinese (traditional), English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean and Spanish.
  2. Changed "Car" to "Car/Motorcycle" in autoroute preferences.
  3. Modified cursors for adding, moving, replacing and inserting points into routes using the selection pointer to display a graphical cue instead of English text labels.
  4. Added new waypoint symbols (contacts) for Rino.
  5. Updated the version of the MPS file format to 1.04. Note that MPS files saved using MapSource version 4.10 are not backward compatible with previous versions of MapSource.
  6. Modified MapSource so that user waypoints created by the route tool follow the user preference for display mode as set in the waypoint preferences tab.
  7. Modified the transfer preferences page so that users who have no serial ports will not get stuck in an infinite loop with an invalid input prompt repeatedly being displayed if they enter this page.
  8. Auto routing progress bar is now only displayed when generating routes with maps that have autorouting information.
  9. Added check box for including autorouting information in transferring data to and from a device to the transfer dialog. Retained a duplicate of this check box on the transfer preferences page. This new check box was added to simplify the process of not including autorouting data in a transfer to a device after the user has been prompted that the map size was too large for their unit and told that they should try removing the autorouting data for the transfer.
  10. Modified the Export dialog so that the option to export to DXF files is not available if only Maps are selected.
  11. Route exporting was updated to export autoroutes correctly.
  12. Fixed bug in Waypoint Properties dialog that caused MapSource to fail when an invalid depth was entered.
  13. Fixed bug in Track Properties dialog that caused Show On Map button to be inactive when the track has a single point.
  14. Fixed bugs with the Vertical Track Profile dialog where the graph would be displayed improperly in certain zooming situations.
  15. Fixed bug where waypoints submerged under routes when using the map tool.
  16. Fixed a problem in the Route Properties dialog where an invalid input prompt was displayed twice to the user when the user entered an empty route name and the Enter key was pressed.
  17. Modified the Find dialog so that it switches back to the current product upon canceling. If a search has found a feature in another product of the same family, MapSource automatically switches the product to show the feature. The prior behavior did not switch back to the current product if the user cancelled after such a search.
  18. Modified the Error dialog to prevent selection of the text inside it.
  19. Fixed bug in Track Properties dialog that caused MapSource to fail when user paged down in the trackpoints list.
  20. Added the capability to display a slide show of logos after the splash screen is displayed.
  21. Added the capability to display copyrights (text and logos) in the lower-left corner of the map window if a copyright should be displayed there.
  22. Removed the restriction that the names of waypoints, routes, tracks, map sets, etc. can only have characters which are English letters & numbers, blank spaces, + and -. Users can now enter any character for these labels. However, the ability to enter and display these characters correctly is now dependent on the language settings for the user's operating system (i.e. to enter and display a waypoint with Chinese characters in the name, the user would have to change the default language to Chinese).
  23. Modified how waypoint names are created from map labels to work with internationalized map products. Now the label from the map is truncated to a user-defined, fixed number of characters (with white spaces removed) and then made unique. Previously, MapSource created abbreviations for names, but this did not work properly in non-English map products.
  24. Fixed a bug where the map drew twice when the viewable screen spanned the Anti-Meridian.
  25. Fixed defects where MapSource would crash when the screen was locked and Mapsource was either displaying a popup window, transferring data to the GPS, or real-time tracking.
  26. Fixed bug on Serial and USB transfer pages where tabbing between fields would not work properly if the OK button had the keyboard input focus and it was disabled.
  27. Fixed bug where the Center on selected item feature in Track Properties dialog was centering incorrectly on every 99n+1 trackpoint.
  28. Fixed bug where Find would not locate Bismarck if North Dakota or ND was specified in the state field.
  29. Updated NMEA real-time tracking so that MapSource can now do 3D tracking rather than only 2D tracking as was done in the previous version.
  30. Fixed defects in real-time tracking in NMEA mode.
  31. Fixed time field on Tide dialog to display times according to Windows regional settings.
  32. Fixed problems with items on the map not being drawn properly while real-time tracking.
  33. Fixed bug where inappropriate entries were being added to right-click menus when there are more than 25 items in the menu.
  34. Modified MapSource so that it would not display a right-click menu to select a "feature" when only a single feature was available.
  35. Modified MapSource to not draw overlapping, adjacent trackpoints at all zoom scales. This will prevent the track from being obscured.
  36. Renamed "Detail" tab in Preferences dialog to "Display".
  37. Added the capability for the user to change the font used for map labels, popup windows and waypoint text from Display tab in Preferences dialog.
  38. Increased the default map font size to improve readability.
  39. Modified the Select Waypoints dialog so that when a user types a letter, it selects the next waypoint in the list whose name starts with that letter. In previous versions, it selected the next waypoint in the list whose symbol type started with that letter.
  40. Provided a visual highlight on both the map window and the Maps, Waypoints, Routes, Tracks and GPS tabs so that it is more obvious to the user which one has the input focus.
  41. Modified the Maps, Waypoints, Routes and Tracks tabs on the main application so that when one of these tabs has the input focus and the user types a letter, it scrolls down to the first item in the list that has a name that starts with that letter.
  42. Modified the way that the keyboard shortcuts for the tools work so that these shortcuts can only be used to select a tool if the map window has the input focus.
  43. Fixed a bug that caused autorouting to fail when No Map was selected.
  44. Fixed bug that caused MapSource to fail when the user aborted a USB transfer during the Map Initialization phase.
  45. Fixed problem in real-time tracking where the check box for keeping the vehicle on the map was not being unchecked when the user caused the vessel to go off the screen from the Go To Position dialog.
  46. Fixed bug where the 'Recalculate', 'Invert' and 'Show On Map' buttons were not being correctly disabled when there were no points in the route.
  47. Fixed bug that caused the edit boxes in Waypoint, Route, Track and Map Set dialogs to not be highlighted properly when the user tabs to one.
  48. Fixed defect where degree symbol was not displayed correctly on non-Western European language operating systems.
  49. Fixed defect where MapSource would crash if the name of a waypoint was edited using the Waypoint Edit button on the Route Properties dialog.
  50. Added ability to view a product's "Notice" file, such as an End User License Agreement, if the product contains such a file.
  51. Fixed problem with missing "Poor Signal" indication when GPS 35 USB loses coverage.
  52. Edited pop-up text over generic highways (e.g. those in Europe) to not prepend "Hwy", while still prepending "Hwy" to US state highways.
  53. Modified MapSource's behavior so that when it is activated by the mouse, it handles the clicks in a consistent fashion with other Windows programs. (i.e., If the mouse-click is on the minimize, maximize, close, or system button, it responds immediately to the click. But if mouse-click is on the client area, such as the map or the scrollbars, it only activates MapSource without further processing).
  54. Made updates to the Autorouting feature to fix a bug where MapSource would fail to observe access restrictions on certain service roads when computing a route.
  55. Added logic to handle situations that arise when the user switches to an installed map product whose required code page is not supported by the user's operating system. If this situation occurs, MapSource will notify the user of the problem and switch them to "No Map".
  56. Modified default value for Finder Address matches to 100 instead of 25.
  57. Fixed bug that caused MapSource to fail when the user would change the route ID in the route dialog and then try to show the route on the map from the right click menu.
  58. Fixed bug in the waypoint selection dialog where the user's selection would be highlighted, but not be made visible, if the selected waypoint was not already visible in the window.
  59. Added some optimizations to increase autorouting speed. Improved the autorouter's handling of data problems present in some map products. Fixed problem where the autorouter was failing to correctly handle an error reported by the database.
  60. Modified autorouting so that it would correctly route pedestrians against the flow of traffic on one-way streets.
  61. Fixed defect where PCX files were being imported incorrectly in certain regional settings.
  62. Fixed problem where the font dialog provided access to certain fonts that would not display map labels correctly.
  63. Fixed problem where the incorrect keyboard shortcut was listed for "showing selected items on map" in German resources.
  64. Fixed bug that caused MapSource to crash if two waypoints symbols had the same name.
  65. Fixed bug where MapSource crashed while displaying popup windows when the user was hovering over features near the edge of the map window.
  66. Modified finder dialog so that the buttons for spell and find address and city searches were disabled if the current map product lacked the required data. Also modified finder dialog so that the spell and find feature worked correctly for Asian languages.

Upgrade to MapSource V4.10 (Self-extracting ZIP-file, 6.4 MB)

To table of contents To table of contents

Changes made from version 4.08 to 4.09: (released 06/11/2002)

  1. Fixed a problem where MapSource displayed a fatal dialog if the user tried to display marine chart properties for a chart with dates before 1970.
  2. Improved map drawing order. Some larger scale maps were drawing on top of smaller scale maps.

Upgrade to MapSource V4.09 (Self-extracting ZIP-file, 5.0 MB)

To table of contents To table of contents

Changes made from version 4.07 to 4.08:

  1. Fixed a problem that caused the index column in the track properties dialog to be hidden sometimes.
  2. Fixed a problem that caused MapSource to fail when the "Show On Map" button was clicked in the Track Properties dialog and the track was empty.
  3. Fixed a problem that sometimes caused an apparent infinite loop if a route name had invalid characters and the close button was clicked in the Route Properties dialog.
  4. Fixed a problem that caused MapSource to fail when certain routes were automatically generated.

Upgrade to MapSource V4.08 (Self-extracting ZIP-file, 5.0 MB)

To table of contents To table of contents

Changes made from version 4.06 to 4.07:

  1. Made various improvements to tide prediction dialog.
  2. Made elevation lines lighter in topographic maps.
  3. Fixed problem that was causing some errors in displayed information in the product info dialog.
  4. Fixed problem that allowed documents to sometimes contain waypoints with non-unique names which caused a problem when transferred to the GPS.
  5. Fixed problem where out of range conditions would cause file export operations to abort.
  6. Changed the display of depth values to always have resolution of tenths.
  7. Fixed a problem that caused waypoint symbols to be incorrectly imported from PCX5 files.
  8. Changed track drawing to display actual track points when zoomed in sufficiently.
  9. Added "Time" tab to Preferences dialog to allow user to choose the time zone for displayed times.
  10. Added ability to cut, copy, paste and delete portions of tracks.
  11. Changed the route properties dialog to have a cancel button and a close box.
  12. Changed the way that elapsed time is calculated for tracks such that it is the sum of the absolute values of the individual leg times.
  13. Changed track drawing to add ability to highlight the currently selected piece of the track being edited.
  14. Changed the track properties dialog so that leg statistics are displayed on the same line as the first point of the leg instead of the last point of the leg.
  15. Fixed a bug that caused MapSource to report that it could not open a file and then exit if the user had a "compact" installation.
  16. Improved undo functionality such that if nothing is available to be undone then the document does not need to be saved.
  17. Added menu item to open the Garmin web page to see the latest available MapSource version.
  18. Changed the data size of maps shown in the status bar to have 2 decimal places precision.
  19. Changed the display of time spans greater than 24 hours to show as "N days HH:MM:SS". Time spans less than 24 hours still show as "HH:MM:SS".
  20. Changed address searching functionality to work with alphanumeric street numbers.
  21. Changed the waypoint properties dialog to immediately reflect visible changes in the map window.
  22. The "Show On Map" button in the waypoint properties dialog does not dismiss the dialog.
  23. Added ability to right-click on a map in the Maps tab and choose a context menu item to display the properties for that map.
  24. Changed double-click and enter key behavior in Maps tab to display map properties.
  25. Added dialog to display progress and allow canceling during auto route calculation.
  26. Changed USB card programmer code to work with data cards containing new-style chips.
  27. Added button in track properties dialog to display the vertical profile of the track.
  28. During PCX5 import, made proximity distance of 0.0 mean "unknown".
  29. Changed address dialog to not require an street number. This allows searching by street name only.
  30. Changed serial data transfer progress dialog to display the current baud rate.
  31. Fixed a bug that caused labels on line features to sometimes disappear when zoomed in.
  32. Added dialog to warn if user is about to delete the currently recording track.
  33. Fixed a bug that caused MapSource to sometimes fail if an invalid unlock code was added.
  34. Changed text that is displayed when a GPS auto-detect fails to include suggestions to help the user.
  35. Fixed a problem that caused crashes on some machines when dialogs were displayed that contained a control to choose a serial port.
  36. Fixed a problem where trailing spaces in the find dialog caused things not to be found.

Upgrade to MapSource V4.07 (Self-extracting ZIP-file, 5.0 MB)

To table of contents To table of contents

Changes made from version 4.05 to 4.06:

  1. Added support for GPS 12 Arabic.
  2. Corrected various misspellings.
  3. Fixed problem which caused very small download regions not to be selected at high zoom scales.

Upgrade to MapSource V4.06 (Self-extracting ZIP-file, 4.2 MB)

To table of contents To table of contents

Changes made from version 4.03 to 4.05:

  1. Added drawing support for BlueChart data.
  2. Added properties dialogs for BlueChart features.
  3. Added tide prediction dialog for tide stations.
  4. Changed map tool to select the map thats edge is closest to the pointer when there are overlapping maps (as in BlueChart data).
  5. Changed map tool to highlight all maps that will be selected when dragging with the mouse.
  6. Added the ability (in the map tool) to choose a single detailed map to be drawn when there are overlapping maps (as in BlueChart data).
  7. Changed the default number of serial ports to eight.
  8. Changed NMEA real-time tracking to always display a position even if the unit's datum is not WGS 84 or is not known. Also, display a warning for each of those cases.
  9. Added Dutch, Taiwan and GDA (Australia) datums and corrected Hu-Tzu-Shan.
  10. Added crosshair feature which shows the screen's center point.
  11. Eliminated secondary dialog for COM settings (i.e., placed the COM settings directly on whatever dialog needs them).
  12. Changed auto-renumbering of waypoints, routes and tracks to not reuse numbers.
  13. Changed scale to draw on top of route legs.
  14. Added the ability to get properties from the finder dialog.
  15. Enforced rule of not allowing diacritcals and other invalid characters in MapSource.
  16. Export and Import functions added to unlock codes dialog.
  17. Replaced preferences dialog with a property sheet (i.e., tabbed dialog).
  18. Added preferences for waypoints such as naming conventions and default symbol.
  19. Changed downloadable map outlines to be more accurate when GPS Map Detail is drawn.
  20. Fixed problems that sometimes occurred when downloading maps.
  21. Added 'Center on selected item' checkbox to track dialog.
  22. Added update of the active track in the track dialog while real-time tracking.
  23. Changed to not draw gray outlines for locked maps.
  24. Added ability in the fatal dialog to copy the log file to the clipboard.
  25. Corrected ordering for sorting maps by size in the left-hand pane.
  26. Changed grid background color to light gray, providing contrast for maps whose water color is white.
  27. Added waypoint symbol code to PCX import.
  28. Added button on About dialog to give the user easy access to what versions of the USB drivers are installed on their system. Removed button to show the location of the MapSource log file.
  29. Corrected problem where basemap points were not being displayed but were being found for popups.
  30. Added flag to DXF file to force 3D polylines and their vertices to be imported as 3D into AutoCAD 2000.
  31. Fixed problem that sometimes caused MapSource to crash at startup.
  32. Added waypoint symbols for Geocache and Geocache Found.
  33. Added stronger warning when over-writing preprogrammed data.
  34. Changed to display an error message when the com port is not available for real time.
  35. Fixed a problem that sometimes caused MapSource to crash in various dialogs.
  36. Added support for finding marinas in BlueChart data.

Upgrade to MapSource V4.05 (Self-extracting ZIP-file, 4.1 MB)

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Changes made from version 4.00 to 4.03:

  1. Added real-time plotting capability.
  2. Added right-click context menus.
  3. Added right-click menu feature to retrieve the properties of exits, points of interest, facilities and fishing areas.
  4. Added unlimited multilevel undo and redo.
  5. Added "send mail" function to send an e-mail with the current document as an attachment.
  6. Added DXF export for graphics that cross the Equator and graphics that spread across more than one UTM zone.
  7. Added overzoom warning.
  8. Added preference for depth units (feet, meters, or fathoms).
  9. Import/Export functions now use the default directory (if one is specified).
  10. Changed status bar display to show 4 digits of precision for metric distances.
  11. Fixed bug which caused the route select radius to be too high.
  12. Fixed bug which caused program termination after changing the name of a waypoint from the route properties dialog.
  13. Fixed bug which sometimes caused 360 to be displayed for bearings.
  14. Added ability to account for larger than normal window font settings.
  15. Changed File -> Open so that if the current file is chosen, the user can either keep his/her changes or replace the file with the one on disk.
  16. Added ability for .mps files with locked maps (for which the user has no unlock code) to display non-locked features (waypoints, etc.).
  17. Eliminated double-refresh at the start of MapSource when there is more than one row of toolbars.
  18. MapSource now remembers the last active tab.
  19. Removed NavTech 32 MB card limit.
  20. Fixed bug which caused a fatal dialog when reading from the USB.
  21. Displays a warning dialog when starting NMEA real-time tracking to tell the user to set the unit's datum to WGS84.
  22. Added Browse button for setting the default file location.
  23. Added the ability to get properties of Navaids.
  24. Unpurchased maps cannot be highlighted.
  25. Do not automatically turn off GPS Map Detail when a user presses cancel after being prompted to insert a CD.
  26. Create a direct route if the user clicks cancel when asked for a CD.
  27. Changed preferences dialog to display a read-only mag var when auto mag var is chosen. The mag var displayed is determined by the current center of the map display.
  28. Changed to not highlight uninstalled maps, not allow selection of uninstalled maps and filter uninstalled maps out of .mps documents when they are opened.
  29. Changed to draw downloadable map regions always, not just when the map tool is selected.
  30. Added ability to turn off GPS after transfers.
  31. Added ability to remove route calculation data from maps to yield a smaller total data size.

Upgrade to MapSource V4.03 (Self-extracting ZIP-file, 3.6 MB)

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