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GARMIN Nüvi 1690 Firmware Upgrades

Firmware: V3.90 - V3.70 - V3.60 - V3.50 - V3.40 - V3.00

The following lists of changes are based on information provided by GARMIN. Changes or improvements which we consider important or especially useful are shown highlighted.

To view the current firmware version, complete the following steps:

  1. Turn on the GPS.
  2. Touch "Tools".
  3. Touch "Settings".
  4. Touch "System".
  5. Touch "About"
  6. The system will display the firmware version in the second top row on the right hand side ("Software Version"), the unit ID is shown on the left hand side.
  7. Touch "Back" to return to the previous page.

An update with Web-Updater installs the latest version of the firmware on the GPS and requires an Internet connection. You may install additional software components, such as language files, if available. If there are maps installed on the GPS, these maps will not be updated.

Changes made from version 3.70 to 3.90:

  1. Fixed several Picture Viewer errors.
  2. Fixed an error that caused address searches to return no results.
  3. Fixed an error with adding via points to a route.
  4. Fixed a weather display error.
  5. Fixed an error that caused incoming calls to be identified as 'unknown caller' on Razr phones.
  6. Fixed an error that caused ecoRoute HD calibration to fail.
  7. Fixed an error that caused the wrong turn prompt to appear on the turn review page.
  8. Fixed several keyboard errors.
  9. Improved software stability.

Firmware Upgrade V3.90 (Please use Web-Updater to install the latest firmware)

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Changes made from version 3.60 to 3.70:

  1. Fixed potential startup problem resulting from unacknowledged EULAs.
  2. Improved charging through OEM mount.
  3. Changed to use standard push-pin icon for saved POI Favorites.

Firmware Upgrade V3.70 (Please use Web-Updater to install the latest firmware)

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Changes made from version 3.50 to 3.60:

  1. Fixed issues that could potentially cause memory corruptions and unit shutdowns.
  2. Correct the colors for topographical maps.
  3. Correct transparency for some elements of topographical maps.
  4. Improved the way that Ciao! was reserving system resources.
  5. Improved Ciao! position reporting and attempt to report position before turning OFF.

Firmware Upgrade V3.60 (Please use Web-Updater to install the latest firmware)

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Changes made from version 3.40 to 3.50:

  1. Fixed issue where occasionally Ciao position was not updating automatically if the user did not go into the Ciao application.
  2. Added a one-time retry for sending transactions that fail due to poor network signal quality.
  3. Reduce the max size of some of the uploads.
  4. Fixed issue where 'Charging Complete' was not showing properly in all languages.
  5. Fixed error on the weather page with displaying invalid chance of precipitation.
  6. Improved performance of ecoRoute HD.

Firmware Upgrade V3.50 (Please use Web-Updater to install the latest firmware)

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Changes made from version 3.00 to 3.40:

  1. Added an improvement where backlight will change automatically when vehicle enters a tunnel.
  2. Fixed issue with Local Search results not being displayed when 'spell' is used.
  3. Changed 'Food & Drink' to 'Food' on the Where To? page.
  4. Fixed bug related to cityXplorer maps not displaying properly.
  5. Fixed bug related to navigation to coordinates not being calculated properly.
  6. Fixed issue when arrival destination is 'off-road' and not recognized when reached.
  7. Fixed issue related to route recalculation inconsistency when user has a multi-point route selected.
  8. Updated map drawing code.
  9. Improved Bluetooth operation.
  10. Improved error messaging to the user for network problems or server timeouts.
  11. Fixed issue related to map crashing if user rapidly pans in browse map mode.
  12. Added fix to display critical myGarmin messages at unit start-up.
  13. Added a full charge indicator in charge mode.
  14. Fixed bug related to text wrapping in words that are hyphenated.
  15. Fixed bug related to issue where unit would lock up when saving a location to 'Favorites.'
  16. Fixed bug on searching through Favorites where pressing backspace would trigger a search even if the field was empty.
  17. Added units for Temperature on weather page (display C for Celsius and F for Fahrenheit).
  18. Fixed shutdown on traffic map if displayed for an extended amount of time.
  19. Fixed issue where switching units (miles to km) wouldn't change in all cases.
  20. Fixed issue where device would go into mass storage mode if plugged into a non-Garmin charger (such as Blackberry).
  21. Modified initial display timing of traffic ads.
  22. Fixed issue where the flight name/number might be cut off if it was too long for the text area.
  23. Fixed bug related to Ciao! error pop-up not putting user back to Tools screen.
  24. Fixed issue related to weather precipitation % shown incorrectly due to rounding error.
  25. Fixed translation errors for connected services in Europe.

Firmware Upgrade V3.40 (Please use Web-Updater to install the latest firmware)

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Changes made from version 2.60 to 3.00:

  1. Decreased the frequency that advertisements are displayed.
  2. Changed to hide old advertisements that could still be showing when the user left the map page.
  3. Enhanced the functionality of the ecoRoute application.
  4. Improved map performance to prevent a shutdown after hours of use.
  5. Fixed an issue that could occur when selecting the next leg of a flight.
  6. Fixed an issue where attempting to enter coordinates to save a favorite would not work properly.
  7. Fixed shutdown that could occur while viewing certain help categories.
  8. Fixed a shutdown that could occur when rating POI's.
  9. Fixed a compatibility issue with CityXplorer London maps.
  10. Fixed an issue where Ciao was not showing the proper guidance to register the unit.
  11. Added support for improved audio clarity and volume.
  12. Fixed shutdown that could occur in the picture viewer when a large number of pictures were loaded.
  13. Improved function of pre-recorded voice in certain languages.
  14. Fixed a shutdown that could occur when pairing with certain phones via Bluetooth.
  15. Fixed issue that could occur when transferring a large phonebook to the device.
  16. Added the underscore character to the keyboard to allow entering emails containing that character.
  17. Fixed an issue where certain cities were not available for selection in Weather, World Clock, or Flight Status.
  18. Improved the appearance of the roaming icon.
  19. Fixed an issue where searching for cities 10,000 or more miles away would not show their distance correctly.

Firmware Upgrade V3.00 (Please use Web-Updater to install the latest firmware)

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GARMIN Nuvi 1690 The model GARMIN Nüvi 1690 provides fast automatic route calculation - including multiple intermediate destinations if required - plus visual and voice guidance. The lane assistant indicates the correct path in great detail if there are multiple lanes. The integrated GSM module provides access to traffic news, Google local search, currency exchange rates and other online services. The traffic news can be used to compute detours around traffic jams, closed roads etc. The Nüvi 1690 is easy to use, has a large, easy to read color display with touch screen, an extremely sensitive antenna and an integrated worldwide base map. It is very well suited as a navigation system in cars, but you may also use it as a hand held device.
It has 3.62 GB built-in memory to store detailed maps with even more information, such as local roads, hotels, restaurants, public buildings and points of interest. This model comes with pre-loaded maps of all of Europe which occupy approximately 2.63 GB of memory including various language files. The remaining 0.98 GB memory is available to store additional detailed maps, waypoint files or pictures.
It also has a speech computer to announce the names of the streets. The Nüvi 1690 is equipped with a BlueTooth interface to communicate with mobile phones which have the required communication capabilities in order to call car rental offices, hotels, restaurants etc. whose phone numbers are stored on the GPS with a single touch on the screen. It can also act as a hands-free extension set to the phones. In addition, the GPS has a slot for an optional microSD memory module to store additional maps or data and an USB connector to exchange data with a computer. The device is powered by a rechargeable battery, see detailed description.

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