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Portrait Thomas Müller

Thomas Müller was born in 1957 in Winterthur near Zürich. After finishing high school he passed an apprenticeship as FEAM (electronic technician) at Rieter in Winterthur. Although at the beginning he did not know what it was all about with the years the electronic world became his passion, job-wise as well as in private life. So it was only logical that after finishing his apprenticeship he continued studying electronics at the technical college in Winterthur (specialized on communications and digital technology). That is where he met Reto Ambühler, nowadays his business partner with TRAMsoft. In 1982 he got his first job as a components engineer at Mettler Instruments at Greifensee, Switzerland, today called Mettler-Toledo AG. Since 1986 he was head of a team of physicists and engineers. This team was responsible for the R&D related tasks within the electronic production in Switzerland in terms of component approvals and process compatibility for production needs. After a decentralization process within the company he got promoted as head of the components engineering group for Mettler Toledo Europe as well for the incoming inspection control. In the context of ongoing globalization within the Mettler Toledo company in 2000 Thomas got appointed as "spider in the web", a worldwide coordination function within the whole Mettler Toledo group. The idea of this task / function was to identify and financially exploit the potential of cost savings in terms of synergies within the highly decentralized R&D teams. Since 2001 he is additionally responsible for the strategic sourcing of electronics for Europe, including the original components engineering responsibility as well as now the strategic procurement and a project group dealing with IT issues in terms of procurement. These current two functions - spider and strategic sourcing - ideally complement one another. Also, Thomas is currently working on his MBE (Master of Business Engineering) with GSG in St. Gallen, Switzerland. If all those activities leave space for leisure - which is currently rarely the case - Thomas loves to travel and he is very interested in photography, fast cars as well as "High Tech" in general.

At TRAMsoft Thomas Müller is responsible for hardware development and the evaluation of new products.

His partner is Reto Ambühler.

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