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GARMIN Forerunner 201

Small wrist top GPS receiver with easy to read display and serial interface.

As a personal training assistant, the GARMIN Forerunner 201 records the travelled path (track), distance, time and pace/speed, computes the calories burned and helps to achieve your personal workout goals. The device is very easy to use, supports multiple languages and has an extremely sensitive antenna. It is the perfect partner for any outdoor activities. The built-in serial interface supports data exchange with a PC.

The Forerunner 201 is especially well suited to provide information about your outdoor activities (track, speed, maximum speed, distance, elevation profile, time a.s.o.). Use the function "mark waypoint" to get the coordinates of the current location. The device also shows the current location in relation to user defined waypoints.

Differences between the various Forerunner models:

All models provide similar functions; these are the main differences:

Model / Feature Power supply Interface Heart rate monitor Navigation Dimensions
in mm
in g
Forerunner 101 batteries (2 x AAA) - - Back to start only 83x43x23 74 discontinued
Forerunner 110 rechargeable battery USB YES
(included with the models pink and red)
- 45x69x14 52 discontinued
Forerunner 201 rechargeable battery SERIAL - Back to start only 83x43x18 78 discontinued
Forerunner 205 rechargeable battery USB - Back to start and routes from waypoints 53x69x18 77 discontinued
Forerunner 210 rechargeable battery USB YES
(Premium monitor)
- 45x69x14 52 discontinued
Forerunner 220 rechargeable battery USB YES
(Premium monitor)
- 45x45x13 41 discontinued
Forerunner 225 rechargeable battery USB YES
(built-in, no belt)
- 48x48x16 54 discontinued
Forerunner 301 rechargeable battery USB YES Back to start and routes from waypoints 83x43x18 78 discontinued
Forerunner 305 rechargeable battery USB YES Back to start and routes from waypoints 53x69x18 77 discontinued
Forerunner 310XT rechargeable battery USB (wireless) YES
(premium monitor included in the pack)
Back to start only 54x56x19 72 discontinued
Forerunner 405 rechargeable battery USB (wireless) YES Back to start only 48x71x16 60 discontinued
Forerunner 410 rechargeable battery USB (wireless) YES
(included in the pack)
Back to start only 48x71x16 60 discontinued
Forerunner 610 rechargeable battery USB (wireless) YES
(premium monitor included in the pack)
Back to start only 46x64x14 72 discontinued
Forerunner 620 rechargeable battery BlueTooth, WLAN, USB YES
(HRM-Run with G-sensor included in the pack)
- 45x45x12.5 44 discontinued
Forerunner 910XT rechargeable battery USB (wireless) YES
(premium monitor included in the pack)
Back to start and routes from waypoints 54x61x15 72 discontinued
Forerunner 920XT rechargeable battery BlueTooth, WLAN, USB YES
(HRM-Run with G-sensor included in the pack)
Back to start and routes from waypoints 48x55x13 61 discontinued

Please find a table with detailed technical data in our Buyer's guide.

Contents: Features - Overview - Main Pages - Logbook - Price - Options - Downloads - Order

GARMIN Forerunner 201


  • Wrist top device, robust, very handy
  • Easy to read display with background illumination (100x64 pixels)
  • Multilingual user interface in Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish
  • Integrated 12 channel GPS receiver with very sensitive built-in antenna
  • Powered by built-in, rechargeable battery (lasts about 15 h), battery charger included
  • Short time to first fix (TTFF¹: approx. 15 seconds after a warm start, meaning there are valid coordinates of the satellites available, or approx. 45 seconds after a cold start, meaning there are no valid coordinates of the satellites available)
  • Firmware stored in Flash-Memory, can be updated by the user
  • Operating temperatures -20 .. 60°C (-4° .. 140°F)
  • Serial interface RS-232 (connection cable included)
  • Dimensions: 83x43x18 mm (3.26x1.71x0.69 inches)
  • Weight: 78 g (2.75 ounces)
  • Water resistant up to approx. 3 feet (1 meter) for about 30 minutes (IPX7)

¹) TTFF: Time To First Fix, time until the first information about the local position is acquired.

Information about your training:

  • Profile: stores personal information such as weight (in order to calculate the calories burned) and the various speeds for walking, speed walking, jogging, running and sprinting.
  • Stop watch with split times (laps). Record split times either manually by pressing the "lap" key or automatically based on a user defined distance.
  • Auto pause: Stops the watch automatically if the current speed drops below a user defined value, e.g. when waiting at a red light or during a short break.
  • Speed alert: Goes off when the current speed exceeds a user defined upper limit or when the current speed drops below a user defined lower limit.
  • Distance alert: Goes off after you have travelled a user defined distance. The alert can be set to go off only once or repetitive.
  • Time alert Goes off after a user defined time period. The alert can be set to go off only once or repetitive.
  • Virtual Partner: This unique feature helps you to achieve certain goals for your workout. Choose one of the following combinations:
    1. Distance & Time: Set the distance for your workout and the time you intend to achieve. Forerunner computes the pace / speed required.
    2. Time & Pace / Speed: Set the time and the pace / speed for your workout.
    3. Distance & Pace / Speed: Set the distance and the pace / speed for your workout.
    The virtual partner will keep exactly the pace / speed required to achieve the goal you have set. Forerunner will constantly measure your current pace / speed and compares it to the virtual partner's pace / speed. It will ask you to speed up or slow down as needed and it shows on the display whether you are ahead or behind your virtual partner.
  • History: Forerunner keeps track of your workouts. It stores the date, time, number of laps, duration, distance, average speed and the calories burned on a daily basis. It also provides weekly overviews and running totals for the duration, distance and calories burned.
  • Navigation: Indicates your current location in relation to user defined waypoints. One waypoint may be set as the final destination, Forerunner will show distance and direction to the destination. Use the "mark waypoint" feature to find the coordinates of your current location.
  • Back to start: This feature helps you to travel all the way back to the starting point of your trip.
  • Stores up to 100 waypoints with name (up to 6 characters), icon (choice of 29 symbols), coordinates and elevation.
  • Stores up to 3'000 trackpoints of the most recent travelled path (tracking) and 5'000 laps.
  • Supports metric and U.S. units.

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GARMIN Forerunner 201 overview:

Buttons and connectors of the GARMIN Forerunner 201

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Main pages of the GARMIN Forerunner 201:

Menu Settings Map History
GARMIN Forerunner 201 main menu GARMIN Forerunner 201 settings GARMIN Forerunner 201 map GARMIN Forerunner 201 history
  • History (per day, per week, running totals)
  • Training assistant (auto pause, virtual partner, speed alert, distance alert)
  • Navigation (waypoints, goto)
  • Settings (time settings, language, units etc.)
  • Time settings (time format, time zone, daylight saving)
  • Units settings (units, pace / speed, pace smoothing)
  • Custom page settings (see table below on the very right)
  • Profil settings
  • System settings (speaker, language)
  • Factory reset (restore factory settings)
  • Show firmware version
  • Map with waypoints and track
  • Lap
  • Distance of this lap
  • Duration of this lap
  • Pace
  • Daily overview (date, time, number of laps)
  • Detailed information about the selected day (duration, distance, pace, calories burned)


Virtual Partner Timer Lap Custom Page
GARMIN Forerunner 201 virtual partner GARMIN Forerunner 201 timer GARMIN Forerunner 201 lap GARMIN Forerunner 201 custom page
  • Your position (bottom) in relation to the virtual partner (top)
  • Distance between you and your virtual partner
  • Time since workout started (stop watch)
  • Current pace
  • Distance
  • Pace of the current lap
  • Lap time
  • Lap distance
Choose one of the values listed below for each data field:
  1. Total average speed
  2. Average lap speed
  3. Maximum speed
  4. Calories burned
  5. Total distance
  6. Elevation
  7. Slope
  8. Distance of this lap
  9. Average speed of this lap
  10. Duration of this lap
  11. Number of laps
  12. Current speed
  13. Distance while auto paused
  14. Time while auto paused
  15. Workout time
  16. Current time
  17. Total distance including distance while auto paused
  18. Total time including time while auto paused

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Forerunner Logbook:

The software Forerunner Logbook is not included in the Forerunner 201 package, but you can download the current version either from GARMIN's website or from our server for free. The software provides the following features:

Graphical data analysis with Forerunner Logbook
(Click on the image for an enlargement)
Displays the following information:
  • Collected data, grouped by user, date and laps (left column)
  • Overview of the highlighted day with date and starting time, total run distance, total run time, total run calories, average pace and average speed, notes (right column top)
  • Speed graph (right column top graph; blue)
  • Travelled path (track) (right column, graph bottom left; yellow)
  • Elevation profile of the track (right column, graph bottom right; green)

Note: The data displayed here was collected while downhill skiing.

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Quick release kit Add item to shopping basket CHF 19 / EUR 18 [Picture and details]
Mounting adapter for larger handlebars (25..32 mm) Add item to shopping basket CHF 11 / EUR 11 [Picture and details]
Replacement wrist strap Add item to shopping basket CHF 14 / EUR 13 [Picture and details]

All options for the GARMIN Forerunner 201 in detail.

MapSource, various CDroms with world or country map (requires a Windows PC and a cable for data exchange)

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Here we provide additional documentation and software updates related to the Forerunner 201.

Get Acrobat Reader If Adobe Acrobat Reader is not installed on your computer, you may download and install it for free.

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To order options for the GARMIN Forerunner 201 please:

  1. Click on the price or the shopping basket symbol Show shopping basket to add the item you wish to purchase to the shopping basket.
  2. If the shopping basket does not work, please use this form.

Please read our terms and conditions.

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Specifications and packaging of the products are subject to change without notice.

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